Looks like I'm staying off my board for a while

So this happened to me:

I was going in a busy street and was too distracted by some crazy traffic that I didn’t see a crazy pothole:

The street view image is from before the winter and by now this beast is even deeper and wider. Anyway, by the time I saw it, it was too late, it ripped the board out from under my feet, and I got smashed into the ground. I was probably going around 24 mph. And I know it’s kind of stupid to do that in an unfamiliar street. Glad I was wearing a helmet…


I’m with you brother, torn ACL here (3 days post surgery). I wish you a speedy recovery! Thank you for wearing a helmet, since you were going so fast, and the pot hole was so big I’m glad that is all that happened.

P.S. if I were you I would go back to that pothole, call it bitch, and then drive away.


Thanks, man! Looks like you got it worse than me. This happened actually almost 3 weeks ago and I just came from some follow up x-rays. Looks like it’s gonna heal just fine, and I won’t need surgery. Get better soon, dude. I’ll try the same!

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I’d go back to the pothole with a bag of concrete and a gallon of water and a traffic cone you found on the side of the road

Pour the dry concrete in it, pour some water on it, put the cone in front of it, and ride away


Ouch! I did something similar during the raptor 2 tour. Was going about 30 mph and hit a large crack on a road I never ride on that was under construction (literally, parts of the street where down to the base of the road, no top assault. Was going about 30 mph, tried to run it off, and dislocated my left ankle pretty badly. Managed to tear the 2 ligaments, one on both sides of my left ankle. I have already had 2 surgeries on this ankle, so you can understand why I’m pushing off the surgery. They said I’m down to a 40% chance of success, statistically.

Skateboarding is one hell of a lifestyle. People now on my electric skateboard look at me even more crazy than on my street board. And I thought they looked at me crazy before, haha. Only those who live it understand it. But it’s also extremely dangerous. We get so comfortable to the point where we feel like nothing can go wrong. But it’s usually not a matter of if, but when with injuries in skateboarding. A lot of more known members of the community have been eaten the dust this past year.

Best of luck on your recovery!

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I wish we could do that legally… It so frustrating what the San Francisco DOT think is acceptable for road conditions. So many roads here look like a war zone. You need air filled tires to ride many streets. I lose alignment in my car within the first few months of an alignment due to potholes. If it’s damaging my car, then it’s certainly going to take you down on your board.

I hear you, it’s a dangerous thing to do, but I can’t say it often enough. Never f***ing ever ride without a helmet! I’m taking some time off with bad road rash and a messed up arm. But it’s gonna heal and I’ll step back on a board! If I hadn’t been wearing a helmet the story would be a quite different one…


That’s why I suggested it that way LoL. First, it’s less than $5. Second, if a car runs through the wet concrete then the DOT will have to look at why there is a big mess. Third, it might just work, or at least be not as bad to where it will wreck you. I’d just leave the cone there. Someone will eventually run over it and it will get pushed off the roadway, just hope the concrete cured by then…

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I’m at the point where I where a leather jacket, leather gloves, thick jeans, my normal skate shoes, and tsg pass helmet. I did hit my head and slide on my shoulder and hands when I fell, but only hand scratches where my sleeves and gloves separate. Pretty much just the ankle. Looking to get a leather suit, but it’s big bucks for me cause I have large thigh muscles. Standard sized suits won’t fit my thighs.


it’s for this reason the large 107mm wheels and pneumies makes sense in powerful esk8 applications.

nevermind the ride quality but the large diameter really does roll over surprisingly large cracks and whatnot. there’s been countless times I thought it was going to be a disaster but came out of it unscathed, albeit shaken.


look on craigslist for used moto full body leathers, got mine for $300 which is way better than the $1k+ new.

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Hope your shoulder heals up well.


Glad your relatively alright dude, helmets for the win!!


No problemo, m32 breeches, good luck with the healing


Maybe I’m not good at evading potholes, but at least I’m good ad growing new bone, so I got that going for me. 6 weeks and almost healed. Few more weeks and I’ll be riding again!