Loose magnets. How do I reglue?

As you can see, the ring holding the magnets in place has come loose. I can hammer it back into place then I start riding to about 70% throttle, motor screeches horribly and then it all comes loose and grinds on the other part of the motor. Video of the screeching: https://youtu.be/3enCgApUqK0 What can I do/use to re-secure the ring into place? This motor gets quite hot under load (not worryingly hot) but hot enough to loosen most glues I think.

Look at the lower part of the magnets. They’ve all slid up:

Ask @wanderer about potting the magnets with thermally-conductive epoxy. That stuff should be good for high heat.

Also @hummie has experimented with probably about a dozen different high-heat glues. Just don’t ask him to pot your motor coils :wink:


I’ve never potted/glued the magnets but think it was wanderer who did. Never had one come loose yet. If you don’t hear from wanderer rcgroups.com people have threads on the subject.
The tesla motor windings are potted.:smile:

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Tangent, but are those good motors? Gonna either but duals Aliens’ or go to alibaba for 2 motors.

I love APS motors. Highly recommend!

Did you ever get this fixed? What glue did you use? I recently hit a really big bump and the same thing happened to me.

I used two part epoxy. Couldn’t tell you which one exactly. I think it held for a bit but I did eventually have to buy a new motor. Not 100% sure if that was because of this issue or because I had to for other reasons