Loose magnets on sk3 motor

Hi guys! Today I’ve noticed weird sounds from my sk3 motor, so after 600km it get 5 magnets loose! Is it due to vibrations or heat, or sk3 motors have that issue? I never noticed my motor being hot even after steep hill or long speed run.

Any ideas how to fix it?

You could try gluing them in again with Loctite or similar, but I’m not sure How good that method works. I know some others have done this, so they could probably Give you a better answer

epoxy? you need a heat resistance adhesive

locktite have motor magnet glue. u should use motor glue or it will come off during summer. but it isn’t cheap. so maybe you can find good 3rd party brand on ebay.

I did it this way once on my turnigy 50-60 and it worked for a year then I changed the motor but that was just because I wanted to go dual, the motor works to this day. Not sure if it is the best way, probably not but it works…


out of interest, what did it sound like? One of my motors changed sound. Still rides fine, no difference in temperature. It starts resonating around 28 km/h.

It started to get louder at higher speed, and mostly it had some scraping sound, in the end scraping sound was at any speed even when pushing and braking

My experiences are when the motor is impacted on the sweet spot will break magnets in the motor. The motor then won’t turn and had to replace. I have graveyard motors and will attempt to use motor glue as suggested above to see if I can take the dead motors to functional motors

If u have a loose magnet, it doesn’t sound good… my 6374 was awful

Do you have any 6374 motors in your graveyard you would be willing to part with? I mainly need the can so I can salvage 2 magnets or just swap cans lol

I have three 6355 motors in graveyard with broken magnets.

Thanx guys for your tips.

I had to remove all magnets, because I could move them. So I cleaned off old glue, and cleaned surface with acetone before I glued all magnets back in place, same order like they where before.





nice and generous glues.

How’s it working for you? Any subsequent issues?

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Motor is working, no issues with magnets for now! Will test more and see how it goes!


Just important notice is to mark magnet sides because I glued one in bad side and now it doesn’t spin freely…