Losing power on Board with CarvOn Single Hub

Hey everyone, I have a board I made using the Enertion space cell, a VESC from chaka and CarvOn Single Hub motors. I go around a few blocks probably averaging around 18-24 mph and I lose power after a single run. I then push the throttle all the way and I’m literally going at 4mph. Is there a reason for this? I also have a yuneec e-go and this is never the case with the e-go. Am I doing something wrong? The VESC settings are default. I haven’t done any additional tweaks. I then have to turn off my receiver and the board for around 10 minutes and I’m back to normal for a short period time before it starts to lose power again. Should I change VESC settings to push a little harder? Thanks again in advance. <img src="https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/2X/a/ab17f59ab1b39cbb04f53d3afae788f8043e48ab.jpg" width=“666” height=“500”

and you charge your battery pretty often? that sounds like a battery problem or maybe a low voltage detection

I think you’re lucky your vesc is still alive. You need to configure it to your setup.

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I don’t charge it over excessively. I’m really good with charging. I don’t think it’s the battery, it actually lasts me quite a few miles. Sorry, I’m still somewhat of a newb for eskate. How do I go about upping my voltage detection?

Really? Ah crap. I had no idea. I thought the VESC would just auto populate to the power and all. Ughhhh…


Some good compiled info here.


For me it sounds like the LVC (Low Voltage Cut-Off). If your battery hits a presetted voltage it will reduce the output power until you reached the LVC. Then it will shut off completely. Do not forget that you will have a bit less voltage when you hit the throttle.
I.e. Battery: 36V LVC: 35 --> In this case your battery would sag some voltage under load and can easily go under the LVC.

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I agree with @barajabali @Blasto and @DeathCookies. It sounds you’re hitting LVC and it’s very concerning that you’ve never configured VESC… Did you do a motor detection at the beginning? Definitely read the link below, and ping us here if you have questions. Good luck!

Your build looks pretty clean, don’t worry you’re about 5 mins away on being up and rolling properly.