Losing reception

Hella dangerous. What do u do? I’d always thought the mini trigger was pretty good but after recent loss of signal n now injury …it ruins the ride
I hear there’s some new super remote I think by @DerelictRobot and even at its high price seems worth it but what about upping voltage on transmitter to strengthen the mini 2.4 signal? Instead of its 3 volts go with the ion at 4 maybe? Or is it possible to make antennae better?

It’s not as easy as “uppping the voltage” I think. You can however increase reception by relocating the antenna or making a new antenna suited for the task. That will most likely be more effective than increasing the tx power to solve a problem that is not tx power related.

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I have had better reception with fully charged transmitter batteries.

Hmm you sure it’s a transmission issue ? 2.4ghz is the same from a remote to another Maybe it’s a faulty switch ? It’s the most common issue with these remote, it’s better to change it (It caused my only crash with a esk8, couldn’t break…)

Also, if you’re enclosure is made in carbon fiber, try and get your antenna outside it’s enclosure, carbon fiber act as a blocking shield for electromagnetic wave