Loss of brakes. Help!

Hello, I have been having an issue when I use the brake, first off it seems it takes forever to brake and second if I keep it long pressed it like stops braking ( you feel the snap) then if you let go of it and brake again it goes back to braking. Anyone has had this issue before?

I am using

10s battery 190kv motor Standard enertion vesc

For harder braking you should set your motor min to -60A… that max and min settings on motor are to limit the power that the motor is using to turn “forward” and “backward”.

Looks like you need to update some of those settings. You’re ERPM values are screwed most importantly. I have a 10s and here are my settings.

Motor max 60 Motor min -50 (if the brake is too powerful reduce it, if too weak you can go up till -60) Battery max 30 (if the board is too powerful reduce it. Depending on the type of batteries you can go up.) Battery min -10 (correct would be -8 but to have some space in times of crisis) Min ERPM -60000 Max ERPM 60000 Battery cutoff start 30 Battery cutoff end 28

His erpm settings aren’t screwed up. 100k is default and is fine on good 10s 190kv setup.

Did you brake when your board was fully charged?

Alright. I was always told the 60000 is that max ERPM that should be used. I’m running 10s 190kv. Weird. Guess I’ll have to look into it.

You only need it if your setup exceeds 60k erpm. 42v * 190kv * 7 pole pairs * .95 duty cycle = 53k erpm

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Thanks for the info dude!

Hey @Sander it happens at any battery %

Why -? I have never seen people run -60 on motor max. Correct me if I am wrong

At -30 Motor Min your brakes might be relatively weak. I use -45/-50 most of the time with my 83mm wheels. When I put on my MBS 100mm I need to use -60 or the brakes are just too weak.

Maybe it is your remote? GO on App Configuration then the PPM tab and click on the Display check box?

maybe. I got 83mm as well

Let me try it now

on max throttle its 2.0 and on max brake is 0.62

Does the bar go back to the end of left?

Yes like this.

Ahh, then I dont know :frowning:

I am going to try changing the motor min and see if that helps! Thanks for the info though! Ill let you know how it goes

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