Lost power mid-ride

Well, I was crossing a street at very slow speed when I lost power to the motor. It worked fine this morning and this afternoon for my 15-minute work commute. This time I had only been going for a couple minutes.

:walk of shame home:

Setup: 6374 190kv motor, MEB OESC, 10S1P 5000mAh

Symptoms: VESC powers up and shows blue and green light. No blinking. VESC green light gets brighter when giving input to remote. VESC is getting power and connects to BLDC Tool. No Faults in Realtime Data tab. Motor rolls freely, no electrical resistance. PPM input show correctly in PPM tab. Trying to run motor detection fails. Voltage meter reads 39v. In Realtime Data tab, “Drawn Cap” increases as I pull the remote.

Here are my VESC configs:

Can anyone tell where I went wrong? I’m really hoping I didn’t destroy the VESC or motor.

Check and see if you have broken or shorted leads to the motor.

Tested with the multimeter and have no shorts from the battery lead to the motor housing

Also tested rolling resistance while shorting motor wires together while unpowered, and with each pair, the resistance increased. Even more so with all three wires shorted.

I think I may have fried the VESC. Upon removal, it has that distinct smell to it. Everything that I can plainly see looks fine though, so I’m guessing it’s one of the components inside that I can’t get to.

If you connect to the BLDC tool what does it say in the terminal?

Terminal didn’t say anything, but I didn’t type anything in.

Think I found it:

Is that the infamous DRV chip?


yup, and how ironic its got the QC passes sticker on it.


Please send me an email

you should talk to @JohnnyMeduse =)

same thing happened to me… I bought a new vesc from @chaka and now Im waiting for it to arrive to me, im probably going to talk to @JohnnyMeduse to get my vesc repaired soon, I just dont understand? I was going really slow too and all of a sudden boom vesc died

How many rides did this VESC have on it? Just curious.

I would say around 5-10 rides, under 20 miles and still in testing and it just died on me

Message sent.

Will do, thanks for the recommendation.

What brand of VESC did it happen to?

Mine has has 4 rides, all pretty short. I haven’t gone through a whole battery yet.

It was a vesc by diy for 98 dollars but I bought one from @chaka so hopefully this one is a lot better

My first VESC from DIY took a shit on me before I even put one ride on it. I bought another because they had the best price and I’ve out roughly ten miles on it. It’s been working great. I’m learning these vescs are VERY sensitive. I’ve heard of them throwing drv codes from simply riding on bumpy sidewalks. Do yourself a favor and figure how to properly isolate/pad where you’re mounting the VESC in the enclosure.