Lots good parts for sale from diy electric board PART OUT

Hi guys, from toronto canada. I got my diy electric skateboard for sale and some new spare parts if some one is interested.


1x 12s3p 18650 pack diyelectricskatebard.com (fast charger)

1x 6374 190kv enertion motor

1x DB Longboards Penrose 38.5 inch

Other parts i never used:

1x maytech mini remote (like enertion raptor remote)

1x mini remote from

1x hobbywing 150a quicrun esc

Well I think thats all. All parts are in good condition and some off them are new.

If somody from canada is interested on the batterys will be great. I never shipped but i gess i cant ship batterys outside canada.

I problably put on the board 2 fully charges so I ride it for about 40km.

Send me pm for more information and I can send photos from the parts i got to email.

Thank tou guys

The deck looks familiar. Is that a Crocodylus deck?

Is db longboards penrose. Love the concave

Mine looks very similar:

Is 38.5"? Which setup do you have on it?

Pmed you want a fee things

I’m in Whitby. How much for the 6374 and the 12s3p caliber truck and enertion mount separately priced please. I’m 30 minutes away on a Saturday.

Also why are you selling? Just curious.

How much for the vesc shipped to cali

How much for the Ollin Vesc shipped to new York if willpark16 isn’t interested ?

@themegak is 3 people interested. But if something change i get in touch with you.

Thank you

Thank you all for the interest. I really want to make a deal with people from the community :slight_smile:

Hi I PMed you about the caliber trucks, can you let me know if they’re still available and whether you can ship to the UK? Thanks

Check your pm

I PM’d you

I’m also in Toronto, Interested in the battery, can pick up. Got a price in mind?

@drkow I pm’d you

Motor still for sale?

Are you selling the motor mount? I’ll buy it right now haha

Hasn’t responded in days. Shows he logs on but doesn’t respond. Not sure I’ve had 2 users do this week. One was a new user not sure if there are fake accounts coming to the forums now…

He PM’ed me haha. Within a few minutes of my post