Lots of Items for sale. ESCs, Motors, and Misc. (U.S.A.)

Hey everyone, I have some items for sale that i no longer need. I have been hanging on to these for to long and realize I likely wont ever use them. All but a few items have been used for a maximum of 50-100 miles on different boards. some are in perfect working condition, some have minor damages. I am willing to negotiate prices. shipping is $7.35 for all but the motors, which are about $2 extra. USA shipping is preferred, but we might be able to work out international in DM’s. I don’ expect 1 person to buy it all, so breaking it into multiple transactions is fine.

The list of parts is as follows.

2x 8-14mm angled riser pads $5

2x DropDrive 5060 270kv v2 motors with fresh black vinyl wrap and custom motor mounts (caliber) $75 for the set works with HTD 265mm belts on a 12:36 gear ratio. it needs 4x 6mm bolts to work. i no longer have them.

1x Hobbyking X-Car Beast Series ESC (120a 6s and practically bulletproof) $30 this item has several small glue marks and has a tap coming out of the switch for you to solder you own switch onto.

2x FVT Sleeping Lion 120a 12s Skateboard esc $90 for both these have small glue marks and a couple scrapes in the anodized finish. both have receiver wire extensions soldered on and both have a tap on the power switch for you to add your own. both work fine. One has a burnt 47uF tantalum capacitor but the manufacturer says it shouldn’t matter. it stills seems to work just fine

1x Winning remote (new) $35

Flipsky vesc 6.6 with aluminum case SOLD

1x mini remote SOLD

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Shipping will be calculated after purchase (using usps flat rate boxes)

sorry i forgot to add pics in main post 20190328_184245 20190328_184338 20190328_184416 20190328_184434 20190328_184450 20190406_134128


Do you have the wheel for the Mini Remote, or is the second channel permanently broken?


I do have the wheel for it. sorry, forgot to put it back on when taking pics.

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There are some things in the works which would require that to be present in order to be used.


ok, i found the wheel and put it back on. glad you reminded me!

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Pmed you about the flipsky 6.6.

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Bump (10 char.

@b264 I seen that steering stabilizer on the stooges board and thought why not replace with an actual steering servo idk

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How much do you want for the flipsky 6.6?

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Steering stabilizers are proven to work since they use it on motorcycles which experience similar speed wobble to us eskaters, servos on the other hand… are used in RC cars and would be hard to implement and would be a PITA to program aswell, and if it fails you’re pretty much going to eat some hard ass aspalt

Steering stabilizers on the other hand probably won’t fail since its not really complicated, and even if it does you’re probably not going to eat aspalt cake

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I am willing to negotiate prices on some items still. Just figured i would make that clear.

Hey man just wanna say that your username inspires a lotta confidence. Cheers!


Oh crap your right lol. I meant to change it along time ago. I guess i should do that now.

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Bump 10char

This, comming from a Chupacabra? Hahahah! <3


i dont know about you, but an angry dog with mange seems easy to trust. :smiley:

oh also, buy stuff plz.

Btw the motors can be sold without the mounts. I would charge 40 each, both barely used.

the flipsky 6.6 has been sold.