Lou Board Penny Board Deck from louboard

I am selling the penny board style deck from a LouBoard 1.0. The board was maybe used a couple of times and is in new condition. The deck is blue and the top/grip section is black. I have additional parts if desired for this board as well. Here are some stock shots: 0_Blue_Duo_800x louboard%20interior

$100 shipped.

Im interested, what s the price? Can you ship to italy?

I am interested based in uk

I am in Los Angeles, USA. Anyone outside the country would need to cover the extra shipping charges.

Sent you a pm bud

Hi Cky3k,
Is it still available? I am in LA as well, I sent you a pm.

Hi, I actually have no idea how to pm you. Lol, is it still available?

Is it still available?