Lou Single 1.5kw Hub Motor + Wheels / Trucks

Selling a single drive 1,5kw hub motor from the Lou Board including front truck and wheels. (90mm) https://www.louboard.com/product/lou-1/

it certainly is more massive then the usual ebay hub motors.

Motor is running fine and does not have much miles on it since I was just testing it and swapped it out on my Lou board. Wanted to look under the cover and accidentally round off one screw, used the Dremel to open it. Just a cosmetic blemish.

Letting this go for 80€

What’s it’s kv ratio? (just to know how much ‘s’ battery is needed), do you only sell one truck or do you sell both? And where are you located?

Edit: I see now in your post that you sell front and back trucks fully equiped haha

KV no idea but the Lou battery is 10s and you get roughly 25km/h

Located in Germany :slight_smile:

What happened to the deck

I’m using it for my commuter build

The deck is really nice…

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hence I’m using it for my build :smiley: it really is such a sleek deck.

BUMP, come on guys ! A powerful hub motor + trucks and 90mm flywheel clones for just 80€…

yeah its a shame that they don’t sell it individually. Whatever china factory this thing comes out off they could make like a gazillion dollars with it. What sucks though is that only a 1P battery fits - this really limits usability. I am pulling 20A from the battery with my Focbox and the sag is like 10V.

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Apparently it was Winboards design. They’ve come out with another iteration of this design which is not as good looking as this :confused: the Lou board “founders” seem like clueless people whitewashing everything e-mobility…

@Maxid are you still running the standard pack ? I did not get to build the new pack with 30q yet. I avoid riding the Lou until I have time finishing the battery. The stuff inside the enclosure is rattling like crazy making it quite annoying riding it… might have to use some kind of dampening

Yeah I am - I am debating with myself whether to go 10S 30Q or even 12S (and ditch the BMS) or go 20700 Sanyos. But then the weight will be increased even more :frowning:

1P really sucks - braking is super weak and oh my the voltage drop. I can’t believe anybody is actually able to ride this thing in its stock config - I am already disappointed with it and have a Focbox inside. But I can’t bring myself to switch out the hub motor - it looks just so stealthy.

They need to make a 35+ inch version or something :slight_smile: Or maybe its possible to make it to fit a thicker pack



bump 1!.–…

UP ! 70€+Shipping for a 1.5kw hub motor + trucks and wheels 90mm flywheel clones. !!

I think it’s around 50Kv. I think a 12S vesc and these will be pretty good. Edit: it’s for sure 60Kv, I swapped the batteries recently with VCT6 cells and now topspeed is 33kmh on the lou 1.0

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Bump and pictures of the actual thing.


UP! This needs to go ! 70€ + Shipping for a whole assembly !! Nobody in need of a killer deal ?

EDIT:: misunderstanding on my behalf ! Motor including wheels are 83mm !

Ok I’ll bite. How much for shipping to the UK?

Hubs still available?