Louboard 1.0 Mod, Upgrade | Lightweight | Portable

I did that already in my initial email to them. Let’s see what they say after my second email from today.

Pfff 40$ is hularious… If they wont send it for free you May search for the Same Type of velcro and Cut it by yourself…

any idea where i could find it or what type i have to look for? standard velcro is too thick unfortunately.

absolutely no idea :-1:

I’m a Kickstarter backer and asked for the upgrade kit for 1.0. Everything was fine and they were replying to me, but no news since one month ago

Now we’re talking:

Had to make me an adapter for the Focbox XT60 to XT30 and the sensor wires need a 6pin jst connector (waiting for @bevilacqua to help me out - thanks bro) So much more power and responsiveness - and the breaking is a lot safer now. Feels like a 1000$ difference. Now we just need to figure out how to put the VESC to sleep without a bulky switch… BTW: anyone in need of a spare ESC? :wink:


Impossible. 12 cells could fit and a single VESC. This deck is not made for dual drives. A cheap Chinese dual ESC fits but who really wants that? :wink:

This might be interesting to some:

Even though my board is the 1.0 I got a 2.9Ah battery and it is made out of Panasonic PF cells. Lygyte does not have a discharge curve unfortunately. Anyone got a comparison to 30Q cells?


Any news regarding the 21700s?

How’s the Lou with a focbox and the original Single drive hub ? I’ve got a belt driven 6374 and it got quite the oomph… Too much for my taste and for the use of the board tbh. I consider switching back to the hub.

Well the Focbox is way better than the standard ESC but it still feels a little weak. Uphill is basically not doable and the board cuts out. I am not sure if the problem is due to my Nyko Kama or whether the battery has an overcurrent protection. What battery are you using? I am thinking of making one from 30Q but they are not available at nkon right now :frowning:

this might me a stupid question, but would this (http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-belt-drive-1400w2-n5055-motor-power-truck-p-658.html) be too powerful? thanks in advance!

I have run that setup on a different board. You will be drawing a bunch of power from a very small battery. I’d recommend sticking with a single drive just from a power draw perspective. But in saying that I hate single drive.

Have you or anyone else considered one of the new ownboard/wowgo esc and hub combo?? I got a set recently during a group buy and they are fantastic!!! So damn smooth and fast. Plus the ESC is tiny so it shouldn’t be an issue in the enclosure. Im sure the battery wont like it though.

does anyone have the truck size for the Lou board? I cant find it anywhere, thanks in advance!

Same as standard trucks I think (180mm) IMG_20180622_194151


oh ok, thats nice. thanks bud

For those of you who are familiar with the Lou 3.0 ESC, is there a way to pair it with another 2.4Ghz remote? I hate this joystick. I emailed SoFlow and they said it would only pair with a Lou remote. My understanding is that pairing requires a (unique?) receiver, which seems to be built into this ESC (and has a button). I bought the newest Meepo remote (I will use it either way) and will test it out when it arrives.

You should be able to connect another remote like the ownboard/meepo/wowgo remotes or the remotes that dickho and diyeboards sell.

Went with a belt drive - so much better and finally some uphill and braking power even with the stock battery. Had to design and print a pulley to get a proper ratio


Be careful maxid :smiley: my printed pulleys melted after one ride. What material did you use ?

it’s TPU 95A - feels amazing. I had printed pulleys before (namely ABS+ and PETG) and all of them held up pretty well. Reason why I had to switch them out was me doing something stupid (for example motor mount screws came loose one time because i did not use loctite and they jammed the wheel) not the material being bad.