Louboard 1.0 Mod, Upgrade | Lightweight | Portable

Received from customer service: “The current battery is 20.7mm tall, 122mm wide and 205mm long.”



So it would only fit 10S1P 20700 cells. But was is the size of whole compartment including esc space?

Just mailed them too :smile: The space you got is 350mm x 127mm and 21 max height. inbox 10S2P sanyo with small bms and the ownboard/wowgo dual hub bms would be awesome! IMG_20180802_192732


Holy shit - I love that you guys came out and actually support the builders. We had companies before that wouldn’t sell to people that did not buy a complete. How can Europeans get hands on a deck?

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Dude is that the Nextboard?? I freaking love that design. How’d you get one of those?? Would you consider selling?

Hey guys, this is Rob from Miles Board. Huge shout for mirin’ our decks!

We’d be thrilled to see what kind of builds you come up with! To answer a few questions:

Outside Dimensions: 26.5" x 7.5" x .98" thick (670mm x 190mm x 25mm) Note: kicktail sits at 1.63" high (41.3mm)

Cavity Dimensions: 13.75" x 5" x .83" ( 350mm x 127mm x 21mm)

Weight 700g, 1.5lbs

Currently the deck on the site is offered as a replacement if anyone breaks theirs. It does not come with the lid/bolts. If you guys are interested we could set up a group buy package with the deck, lid, bolts and whatever else you want. Let me know!

About the battery- it’s actually not 18650s but a LiPo pack. They’re 36V in both 3AH and 4AH capacities. You could just fit an 18650 pack in with no or minimal shell around it.

Thanks and give us a shout with any questions.


Is this the board you are making?


How much for the board with lid and bolts, etc, no battery or motors, just the complete board?

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Yes it is. For a group buy of 10 or so we can do the kit for the same price as the bare deck ($119). Lead time about 2-3 weeks.


I definitely will want one if a GB is organized. Is the kit basically the complete deck with lid and bolts, etc. The bare deck just the deck without the lid or anything else?

What would one complete deck cost if I was the only one buying one?

That’s correct. Bare deck is just the piece pictured. Kit would include the deck, carbon fiber lid and 10 m3x8 lid bolts.


Ohh this is really intriguing. I’d really like to test it before I hopped on. Do you have a place in NorCal some of us can try it at?

Where in Norcal are you? We could hook you up with a rider in Folsom if you’re nearby, I’ll be in El Dorado Hills/Sac with a board this weekend if you want to shred!


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I’m a bit confused about something though. I messaged Nextboard directly a few months back and was told the cost for the board would be $595 + p&p. How are you able to sell it for such a dramatically lower price? Did you take over production of this board?



The dimensions they listed are very different from the dimensions you have listed also…

Hi Rob. Very nice deck. Do you have a black only lid without pink? Would be interested in GB And would you ship to EU (Iceland) ?

Ok cool, that answers my concerns :smile: So how many decks with an integrated enclosure do you currently offer?

I want one to Germany!

Ok I see what I did, lol. The angle of the pic of your board had me thinking your board was a different one, they do look very similar from the pic I saw. I thought it was this one.


Really like your design though. What’s the max battery pack this can for with dual VESC’s?

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It doesn’t use 18650s so you have to be creative. They have an existing battery they’re selling that is 36v at 4AH if you don’t want to make your own battery pack. It leave enough room for dual Vesc’s

I’d make my own pack from some 20650’s :wink:

C’mon bro stop bombarding them with questions, how would they know the answer to that when they’ve already stated they use lipo batteries. Work it out, like @bartroosen12