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Sorry! For VESC based builds, I forgot that the enclosure space was very small.

Well mines a dual sine esc. It may fit if I printed a longer battery box or heat shrink wrap it instead, but even then I don’t know because the bms is too fat to lie below the cells.



how did you attach the on/off button?

3d printed holder

Hello all :slight_smile:
After 1 week of going through this amazing forum and understanding technical subjets about batteries, ESC/VESC… I come here to get some help.

2 years ago, I aquired a Louboard 1.0 through KS. I loved the form factor at that time but I understood later that components inside were poor quality… I never changed any component. And this poor quality causes me issues to ride the board now.

Here’s the issue : Every time I take the board for a ride, after a full charge of it, I can ride (on flat roads) for 5 mins, sometimes 10 mins, sometimes 1 min, and the board stops instantly and can’t restart until I charge it again. The stop appears sometimes when I’m breaking, sometimes when I fully accelerate…

Before this issue, I was fully happy with the top speed of the board and the ride duration; thus to fix that issue, should I change the ESC? As information, I wanted to test the battery; so I made the board rides upside down, with no friction, it lasted 50 min.

Thank you in advance ! :slight_smile:

The stop appears sometimes when I’m breaking, sometimes when I fully accelerate…

That seems like a BMS problem. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for your answer; how to be sure? Also, the BMS doesn’t seem easy to find in shops and replace it? :frowning:

Does anyone can confirm that the BMS is the issue? :slight_smile:

Hi @loguy sorry late.

You have the following options:

(Plan A) Get a new battery pack and replace it. This will tell you if the battery pack is broken or if the ESC is broken.

(Plan B) Find someone who can build an ESK8 battery pack in your country and ask them to create one, or request for a check of that battery pack.

Have you contacted the SoFlow? The Lou Board Facebook group may be cheaper to get.

I have two battery packs for Lou boards that I do not use now. I want to offer you cheap, but unfortunately I live in Japan. Shipping fee and aviation dangerous goods export procedures will not be worthwhile.

Lastly, This forum often stops because of financial problems with the owner. There are not many people here. If you need technical support for ESK8, go here.

forum dot esk8 dot news

Hope this helps.

Hey, thanks for your answer; I’m gonna try Plan A :slight_smile:

As much as I dislike posting on this forum I felt I can give you some sound advice. Build a new battery with good cells. It was such a huge upgrade for my Lou 3.0. I have a bunch of boards and it’s still my main go to.

You can see a battery I built somewhere back in this thread. I could always build you one if your not used to making them.

Thanks Chase for your answer :slight_smile: I’ve found the photo of your battery; is it a 10s ? You used several types of cells right? How much did it cost you with the BMS? In fact, I’m sure that your battery is way better than the original one. But, the original one was suffisent for me as I was just riding for fun, for like 20-30min :slight_smile:

Their all 30q cells I was just being fancy by re-wrapping them in alternating colors. Yes it is a 10S

@thisguyhere makes nice quality battery packs! You should hit him up

help please… do i need to change the original bms when replacing the batteries with sony vct6?

Does anyone have a broken lou board that wants to sell it ? I broke my deck in half and i need a new one :frowning:

Hey @marcoC11, I have one actually that I want to sell, if you are still interested.

Hello dolby, Can you send me the pictures again, I was not able to see them Thanks