Louboard 1.0 Mod, Upgrade | Lightweight | Portable

Thats why I decided to go over to a belt drive. The battery just can’t handle the draw from hubs. With the single belt ( at close to full charge) I climb quite steep hills with no beeping. The belt has made the board so much more usable for me. Just wish I had the carbon fibre deck!!!

In the Hi5ber thread, Brian says he may be releasing an ion 30 with built in enclosure at some point. That sounds promising for a nice commuter deck.

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I am getting my hands on a 1.0 soon. I can’t justify the couple hundreds more for the carbon though. But it would be perfect :sweat_smile: it’s also lighter than the PU 1.0 Deck… what are the dimensions of the battery pack ? Can you confirm that it’s a 10s1p 18650? I’ll be ordering some VTC5/6 beforehand. Or do you think I can fit some A123/20700 in there ?

My battery is about 8 by 4 inches. I HIGHLY doubt its 18650 cells. If it is it is certainly no more than 1p. Its truly a shit battery.

did you say 8x4… :flushed:

does it weigh like 85lbs? if so it’s probably lead acid

I think its 18650 though. 10s1p with some 2ah cells. It’d actually be a pretty nice upgrade to go from low-end 18650 to high-end 18650 like the VTC5/6 for just 50 bucks ? Better discharge rate for a little less sag and more capacity.

sounds like the battery must be tiny. id go lipo if you need to keep it so small and want power.

1500 watt hub motors, continuous, don’t look that small. I could sell you a single hub motor that will eat both of those for snacks the near future.

@Chase I’m not too keen on the Hi5ber one… People here will demand freaking chunky 10s4p packs and stuff :expressionless::confounded: … With this kind of segment its not about prioritizing power and speed. But people don’t get that…

with lipo could have small and powerful.

I agree. I only want thin sleek decks that are as light as possible. If he Brian wants to sell them, he will have to cater to the 2wd community and not the 4wd few. I’ve said my piece on that forum. Seems like the 4wd people would rather flood out other comments to make it seem like they are the majority. I’ll definitly look into hummies as an option to upgrade the lou. I’ve also been considering changing these cells. Voltage sag is a bitch on this battery.

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A lot of the posts and opinions are for long range ultra smooth longboard setups. Which are great. But not what I want for commuting. It’s really the difference between a weekend long range rider and a convenient light weight portable board. Yeah you will sacrifice comfort, speed and range but I don’t need all that for my 2km commute in the city to work.

I want to be able to go to dinner in the city with my girlfriend after and not have to carry this really long board and find a place to store it. I have had to do that for the last 2 years. Since having a small board my partner loves it as it doesn’t affect where we go for dinner or if I need to walk with her around the city I just throw my board on my backpack and I forget it is there.


Hey guys This is a picture of 18650 cells put in my Lou 2.0.

The original battery pack is probably 10s1p of 18650.

I plan to make a 7s2p battery pack using LG HG2. Arrange them like the third picture from the top.


You will get less top speed, hope you get it :slight_smile: Maybe rewinding motors woud help a little :slight_smile: Also if you plan on using the same type of ESC, the power output will be lower :frowning:

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yep, I understand.

Since top speed is directly proportional to voltage, top speed is slower. but I think the range will increase. Lou’s original battery pack range is too short!!!:tired_face:


Loving the battery mod. With the new battery setup you would have plenty of room for two vescs. That would solve your speed problems.

I honestly think there is no need to top off the speed with a dual drive there. Rather keep the single vesc and add a belt drive or go for the dual vesc/dual hub which is used in the 3.0 or meepo ?

Or try a 20700/A123 10s1p setup. Will give you a boost on the range and the discharge rate on those should be higher than the original pack

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A123 Systems 26650? It will not enter Lou’s battery space.

I think that Sanyo NCR20700B will get in. maybe.

If you can get your hands on 10 or 14 of these cells to make a 10s1p or 7s2p depending on your needs (speed vs torque respectively) , you’ll get a nice board out of them.

Totally ridiculous for this board. But I had two 6355 in my workshop and thought I’d have a look at how it would fit. Looks pretty awesome. But way way way too much power for this tiny board.


:star_struck: Absolutely gorgeous. But the only thing I don’t like about longboard trucks on penny size deck is the wheel potentially protruding to where your feet might be. But then again, who’s pedaling? :joy: