Louboard 1.0 Mod, Upgrade | Lightweight | Portable

I’ve done that before, turning becomes a problem because your feet causes wheel bite…or in your case butt cheeks :wink:


Butt bite. Ouch. :peach:


It’s a small monster!

Insides of a Lou 1.0 battery pack. Nothing to see here, move along people :slight_smile: But really, nothing unexpected there.


Really nice :)! Thanks for the insight !

So 22p… they are rated at 10amps continuous. This will be a straight 1:1 swap then ?

Thanks a lot. I could not open the battery pack. It seems to be glued, not screw.

Yeah 22P, was expecting those. I asked on KS but of course they wouldn’t say. I think swapping those with some VTC5A or VTC6 should be doable without problems.

With 20650 you wouldn’t be able to use the enclosure, obviously. And the plastic lips holding the enclosure in place (on the board) would get in the way but you can trim those. And I don’t think the lips are even there on 2.0 and 3.0 (carbon fiber boards).

Not sure about BMS. I haven’t found suitable replacement or alternative yet. If using 18650 there is obviously decent amount of space on top of the cells but with 20650 you are getting much closer to deck (original pack is 22mm and that is the maximum height).

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Well, there are quite a few slim 10s bms out there. Bypass discharge is also a possible solution. 20700 with an slightly bigger 3D printed enclosure should not be a problem. Although I think settling for VTC6 seems the most effective and efficient way. Can’t wait to get my hands on the board soon ! :blush:

They stated at the Kickstarter that the 2.0 and 3.0 „extended“ packs are not compatible with the 1.0. would you know why ?

Both my 2.2 Ah pack and 2.9 Ah pack are the same size. I don’t know why they said were not compatible.


I think i found Lou 2.0 Clone Who wants to ask if they sell the deck only? eheheh


Dont know if they will, but the bamboo cover is much sexier thah this “swiss cross” bullshit

holy shit a 700 meter long board :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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No idea, probably marketing and hope they will sell more 2.0.

2.9mAh pack just has Panasonic PF cells, 2.9Ah and same 10A rating.

If you find any suitable thin BMS, let me know. Of course for charging only.

@aigenic Lou also has wooden deck, I got one being one of the earliest backers :slight_smile:


No, It is the base product of Lou. SoFlow started crowdfunding with the exclusive sales rights of that products.

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So like I said above, the board came to me with a broken esc. Changed it to one of those dual hub esc from diyeboard. If I brake on full battery, I loose connection. I have been trying to start my ride with an upward incline to drain the battery from the start to avoid this. This has become too much of a hassle/danger. What is responsible for this? Do I need to change the esc or the bms?


Its the battery cutoff, regen breaking. What you replace depends on whether its the battery packs BMS or the ESC that’s cutting off. You would be better served with a VESC so you can program your own cutoffs at the controller level. If you can figure out what BMS you have, looking up the cutoffs should be easy.

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Why dont you do a 10s1p with some 5Ah lipos? I am pretty sure it will fit nicely, and you will Get more Wh/range, and alot more discharge capability! Edit: Even more top speed too!

Are you able to tell us which bms that is in there?

No, it is something proprietary or custom. Couldn’t find anything like it yet.

Not sure what you expect though. If the pack is full you don’t wanna be overcharging the cells with regen. Charge the pack to 41V instead. I need to open the original charger to see what’s in there, maybe it could be modified :slight_smile:

You are pretty sure LOL. Fine, then. You have all the facts about the space in there (I have posted couple of images with exact dimension of original pack, there are couple of other images and posts about internal size /placement. So go ahead and find cells that will make 5Ah 10s LiPo pack that will fit. I challenge you :slight_smile: