Louboard 1.0 Mod, Upgrade | Lightweight | Portable

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have two HCX-D239, so if somebody want to buy the spare one just pm me… Otherwise i need to build a second pack :smiley:

Which weld do you change tho?

Hope this helps.

Hey guys I just got a second hand Lou 1.0. My first impression: size is awesome but man this thing sucks. The XT30 battery connector broke and also has the flimsiest wires I have ever seen. I normally wouldn’t even charge my battery with such thin cables. The ESC cuts out at times and seemingly loses connection with the remote. Brake force is super low and on a slight incline the board will not stop you. Motor gets HOT. The lid does not stay on the deck due to the use of just velcro, I like the push to start function though without a button.

So what can we do? My plan is to try a Focbox instead of the ESC. Has anybody tried to find a new way to fix the lid to the deck? I thought about gluing nuts to the inside and have screws through the lid hold it - but that would diminish the stealthy look a bit :thinking: So I am open for ideas.

I normally wouldn’t even charge my battery with such thin cables.

Well for the 2 Amps charger these cables are thick enough. Should absolutely not be a problem, but i understand why you are complaining.

The ESC cuts out at times and seemingly loses connection with the remote.

I rode this thing about 150km now and i dont had even a single connection issue. Maybe your ESC or the BT module is faulty

Do you have the “full velcro” ? If not send a mail to so flow and they will send it to you for free. Since i “upgraded” from the alpha to the beta product i dont had any issues with the deck

I said that to make a point rather than be 100% true :smile:. But for power wires that are supposed to see almost 40A (they advertise the board as 1500W which at 10S is ~40A) they are unacceptable - same with using XT30. No idea how they can sleep at night when using XT30 as battery connector even on the dual drive boards. An XT60 would have already been a significant upgrade.

Not sure if it’s connection or something else. Just noticed it this morning on my first real ride. 5min in the board did not respond. I carried it the rest of the way and when I tried it again it worked as if nothing ever happened. But I want to try a Focbox anyway simply because of the braking power.

Already sent one this morning after reading about it on the facebook group. But since the board was second hand and they now sell the velcro for 40$ on their website I doubt they will send me one for free. Would be nice though. I am just a little suspicious that on the 1.0 there is only very little material for the velcro to hold on to.

You are totally right :slight_smile:. i think there are some limitations with the Stock ESC. This Board never uses the advertised Power :smile:. Otherwise these cables and the connector will burn like hell if you ride uphill

I bought a used 1.0 ans they sent me a velcro Kit for free and it sticks very well

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Additional Info: I updated my thingiverse project today https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2857831

Made some major changes in the design. I also changed the cell arrangement which shows how i did it in my case.

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They wrote me an email saying I could order the one from the website for 40$ :frowning:

Order what?

Velcro set to replace the thin strips I have on mine.

Yeah 40 bux is crazy and then I’m sure shipping to USA is outrageous especially when it should come standard

I am from Germany :slight_smile: Yeah it’s weird - they even have this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e0sNg17hFZ8 where they say that you can get it for free. Not sure what’s going on.

Maybe we could email them and see what’s the deal. We could cite that video.

I did that already in my initial email to them. Let’s see what they say after my second email from today.

Pfff 40$ is hularious… If they wont send it for free you May search for the Same Type of velcro and Cut it by yourself…

any idea where i could find it or what type i have to look for? standard velcro is too thick unfortunately.

absolutely no idea :-1:

I’m a Kickstarter backer and asked for the upgrade kit for 1.0. Everything was fine and they were replying to me, but no news since one month ago

Now we’re talking:

Had to make me an adapter for the Focbox XT60 to XT30 and the sensor wires need a 6pin jst connector (waiting for @bevilacqua to help me out - thanks bro) So much more power and responsiveness - and the breaking is a lot safer now. Feels like a 1000$ difference. Now we just need to figure out how to put the VESC to sleep without a bulky switch… BTW: anyone in need of a spare ESC? :wink: