LouBoard custom battery build

Hey !

After lots of readings about batteries, cells, BMS… in order to build my own battery for my LouBoard, I still have some questions to ask to you.

I’ve chosen Sony VTC6 batteries because they have high capacity, higher maximum discharge current than my previous battery pack and I can buy them from a local supplier. Sony VTC6 have followed characteristics :

  • Maximum discharge current : 15 A (without temperature control) / 30 A (with temperature control)
  • Capacity : 3,12 Ah I will organize them as a 10s configuration.

I have a charger which is 42 V and 2A continuous.

Thus, I need to choose the right BMS. I will take one from Bestech. Here’s my question : I’ve understood that in most cases, BMS are used for charging and not for discharging; So should I consider the Maximal continuous discharging current when I select a BMS? If yes, does it need to be at 30 A or higher (as the maximum discharging current of VTC6 is 30 A)?

Also, most BMS have a Maximal continuous charging current around 6 A or 8 A. Does it mean that I could buy a new charger which will provide more current (my current one is only 2 A) ?

Thank you all for your answers :slight_smile:

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Honestly bms for discharge only is fine. Now with the charging capabilities being higher, make sure that the charge port you use is capable of higher as well. I use charge ports that say i shouldn’t charge more then 2A. But ive used a 5A charger on it a bunch and it’s been fine Haha.