Low battery riding

It depends what cells they are, their sag characteristics under load

like what quality of cells or just the chemistry

I would look at the datasheet for your cells, it should tell you exactly what cutoffs should be

hmm cant seem to find one for my hobbyking cells

if you read my description above, you will see the different cell limits by cell type…divide my above example numbers by 10

but to answer your question, no, there is no lithium polymer designed to be discharged to 3.3v/cell.

yeah done that already. idk 3.7 just seems high for a cutoff. maybe I should just deal tho and just buy more batteries

Hey, they’re your lipos man… I’ve got boxes upon boxes of lipos that have been abused from discharging below 3.7 under load and cells have dropped out due to the increased internal resistance from the abuse. I rebuild them when I have time(take good cells and toss the bad).

damn thats hella batteries. why havent you switched to 18650s yet tho?

I run 18650s on my esk8, those are from my quads. But lipo is lipo no matter the size all the same chemistry

The other hobby that uses lipos because the wh/gram is better on lipos and every gram matters on quads…

lipo is more less disposable batt. i even drained them to 3.1and 3.0 on load when i was doing rcs. use 500 cycle and toss it. if u really want to go forever batt, liion is only option. it’s also heavy have to build it bms ans so on. both has pro and con but u know what? at the end of the day u will use that lipo for more than a yr if u ride every single day. 3.7 is very conservative. if u worry that much I rather ride a motor bike

hmm yeah good point. my lipos are pretty cheap, like 50 bucks each so even if i dont get a ton of charge cycles it may be worth my while.

Sure just watch them…and check IR and puffyness every couple charges. I dont wanna see a “my board caught on fire like a hoverboard” post :laughing:

haha yeah. I’ve never had that happen to me luckily. with all my rc stuff I just let the esc handle low voltage and its never been an issue.

have u pierced a lipo? i have. it smoked a lot but fire? at low voltage u dont get one. u get hardly at even 4.0v. hoverboard used liion. u know what caused it? bs BMS. it over charged.