Low cost cruiser (advice appreciated!)|Havana fatty 30" deck| 90mm eBay wheels?|eBay drivetrain

Hi, this is my first post here, sorry if it’s in the wrong section or format. This will be my first build, I’m hoping to keep cost under £350 and still have something enjoyable to ride. I’m not after a huge amount of speed, just a little hill climbing ability with more than 10 mile range and a smooth ride. Maybe 20mph max? Would a drivetrain kit like this: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-Skateboard-Longboard-Kit-Pulleys-And-Motor-Mount-for-80mm-Wheel-OS914-/162569713463 be suitable? It says 80mm wheels but I think I’d like to use 90mm flywheel clones, do I need to find a different kit? And with it only work with caliber trucks or is there a cheaper option? I’m also looking for a motor that would work with such a mount. There are the Kuda 175kv motors but they are more than 50mm so I’m unsure if they would work. I think I would use 6s or 8s lipo with an RC car speed controller and an Arduino with Bluetooth module for the control (my understanding is that the esc is controlled with pwm?). Sorry for all the questions, hopefully once I have learned more I will be able to help others in return.

Thanks, R

  1. do not buy that mount. it will break.
  2. it use grub nut screw to hold on to any shape truck. u find it hard to hold it steady. as u ride it will move. so caliber mount is recommended
  3. for 20mph for 6s u need 1:3 gear ratio 90mm+wheel with 240kv+ and esc get hobbywing ezmax. or u can go sleeping lion but u need firmware update. 4.generally speaking larger motor will give u better torque so I would go 63mm motor for high kv with low voltage set up.

Hi, thanks for the help! Are there any particular motor mounts you would recommend on a budget? I’m in the UK and finding it hard to get parts without importing. R

This is usually not a cheap hobby if you want the good stuff. These are my opinions on it: If you want super cheap, then go and make it yourself. Go with a hobbyking or some cheap china clone if you got a little bit more money, probably going to break after a little while. More money, join a group buy and get a good mount. Even more money -> buy a tourqueboad/enertion/psychotiller or some good tested mounts.

Are Alien Power Systems mounts/truck clamps good quality? I have reconsidered my build based on your advice and was looking at using them with alien trucks

if u live in UK alien is could be the best option.