Low Guido's How to build the cheapest (but still good) esk8 video

I have had a lot of people ask me to make a video on a full build or to show some of my processes. so I put this together documenting a whole build from start to finish using the cheapest parts possible, and using basic tools that most people should have at home or be able to borrow from someone.

Please enjoy.


really cool! You forgot to show how charging works with only the balancer sticking out

Great video. I used one of these kind of videos when i built my first board. We built 3 almost identical builds with my friends. Half a year after that i found this forum and now i’m addicted :joy:

Yeah I thought about it… but the video was already dragging on… I have shown how I charge in many of my other threads… I just use the balance leads to charge with a imax B6 charger.


Was really looking forward to the way you mount your motor plate with tools “most people should have at home or be able to borrow from someone” but then bäm you weld aluminium :cry:

Nice video though - love how clean everything looks. So much better than my first Tupperware box :smiley:

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LOL I was waiting for someone to bring up the aluminium welding. seriously I cant afford TIG or anything fancy. thats just a really basic hobby MIG welder. and I learned myself by building skateboards. I’m not the best at it, but it does the job.

How about that upright drill. Not very common as basic hometool.

And i don’t think welding is problem for most people. Piece of aluminium was like 3e and local boat repairshop welded it with pack of beer.

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ohh come on… what about this:

seriously but, that is like a $99 drill press. cheaper than my cordless.

plus if you have a steady hand you can use a cordless… LOL :wink:

also that bit of aluminium I got for free from a metal shop as an off cut.

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@lowGuido Interesting that you keep the original motor adapter plate which comes in the box, usually it is not that good to use it, as it decreases the distance between wheel and motor (pulley) location.

Have gone till 7mins so still a lot to watch, anyways very nice video… and what kind of wheels are those? I think I havent seen such wheels before.

Ok now finished watching… very nice build indeed… even if it used ‘simple methods’ as you described :smiley:

What kind of plastic box is that? Doesnt look like typical kitchen tupperware / food box.

Cordles drill and steady hand is winner :muscle:t3: Upright drill would be nice but i need it like once a year so no real need for that.

I used a hand held rechargable dewalt for my first 15 builds. I JUST NOW got a drill press.

hand drilling straight holes can happen!


I like it because It means that I can drill a hole large enough to put the motor pulley through the bracket so I dont need to take the pulley off the motor every time I take it off the bracket. I always do this for convienience, and as far as I am aware I am the only one who does it this way. I think its easier.


yeh, I saw this and was :open_mouth: ‘shit, this is amazing’ :smiley:

I managed to cut a sideways ‘slot’ in my current motor plate to be able to pull the motor out but it compromised the stenght of motor plate too much. Motor plate was a bit shady in the first place but after I made the slot it got even worse…

Still got to remove the pulley from axle, it is stuck so good i dont need any grub screws and with normal pulling or hitting with hammer it doesnt work, need to make a custom pulley remover now.

So seeing your ‘solution’ was interesting. Still got to figure out how the adapter plate helps you with hole think but I think I will figure it out.

those wheels are Dregs wheels, which Im not sure are around any more? but there are plenty of clones on alibaba for cheap cheap. and I have used them as well.

if you pause the video I show you :wink: its a “drawer organiser” a couple of dollars from a home store.

hah sorry for skipping the box part :smiley: might have looked away when you started fiddling with box.

Nice box non the less and wheels also look pretty good, I like the clear urethane part they have.

Lets hope enough new esk8 builders can now benefit and make their boards by watching your vid :slight_smile:

heres a sample of whats out there on alibaba…

and I have also just drilled solid wheels before using a similar technique, but with a washer on the outside of the wheel… that can save money if you already have wheels on your board that you want to use, but I like those wheels because the pulleys seem to fit really nicely without much modification.

Yes, this is what I was referencing to! These sort of wheels u use and have picture of, also fit quite well with what you need to mount a pulley…

The 5 holes really amazed me, since only Orangatangs have a holes where you can easly fit screw through… so in my opinion, these are really nice as 5 screws are just enough and the wheel has already holes ./ markings for that :slight_smile:

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Yeah i love those wheels. Also because they are not too big. I really dislike large wheels.

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Hi Thats a great video! What ESC is this?