Low Guido's Raptor 1.5 | 12S Lipo | VESC | Dual Hub motors

So I had all the parts laying around enough to make a “raptor 1.5” so to speak. kinda like a raptor 1 but upgraded to 12S and using hummie hub motors

I used the enertion raptor 1 Deck and a 220Wh 12S lipo pack, I paired that up with dual VESC 4.18’s and hub motors. I have used standard trucks because I had glued the hummie hubs to them a while back. control is via a benchwheel remote, and while it is no Nyko Kama it seems to be quite nice to use even without perpetual Steeze. I used it on the low throttle setting while I get used to it and the board still cruises along quite quickly… no Idea of top speed or range just yet… but I have a feeling its going to be fast enough.

more pics to come…



this is how I transported the raptor 1.5 home (when I wasn’t riding it) it was a long skate home so I took 2 boards as not to have to swap batteries half way. in hindsight swapping batteries would have been easier…

anyway raptor ride is quite stiff… I see why enertion went back to a wood/carbon hybrid for raptor 2. I got about 2400mah draw in 10.7km ride distance.



Nice to see the board put to good use. How you finding the ride?

@lowGuido How did you ‘‘stick’’ the second board to the backpack? Looks like it is holding quite strong :slight_smile:

Looks like a board bag. Check out any snowboarding bag and most will let you carry a board horizontally or vertically.

Nice ride. I like how you made good use of the old power switch hole. Is that for an XT90s loop key and charging through the balance ports, so you don’t have to take the lid off?

i have a backpack like that. it basically has velcro straps on the back that let you cinch your board down and the griptape keeps it up

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You got it.

How do you charge 12S without BMS or really expensive and rare 12S chargers?


@lowGuido Do you have the main charging leads spliced into the + & - balance leads?


I actually took this bad boy out for a quick spin today. gave it a boost just to make sure it’s still stupid fast.

Yup. still stupid fast. 51.5km/h

Thanks, man. Best wordless answer ever. :+1::smiley: