Low Guido's Soft Roader | medium terrain drop deck | Dual SK3s | 10Ah Lipo

Do you have some stats for this board? What speed do you get? also a bit unclear what voltage you got… so difficult to draw out any numbers…

(though, I assume it could be 6s, as these look like regular car escs :slight_smile: )

Non the less… nice board… I wonder how these wheels work out… they are not 100% pneumatics after all…

Where did you buy the wheels? :smiley:

I I have only taken it to about 33km/h but I estimate that its gonna do 40. its a 6S battery and 280kv motors. gear ratio is 12t motor 45t wheel.

Cool, thanks for info… so it got plenty of speed for ‘‘general’’ riding :slight_smile:

Yeah… i dunno how fast you wanna go, I draw the line at about 35. I don’t need to go any faster than that. fuck imagine a spider to the face @ 40km/h!! 35km/h seems to scare the snakes off tho…

yep, 35 is totally fine for these extra times you want ‘‘bursts of speed’’… though, ‘‘maximum’’ of 40 is advised, I think, not to push the motor/esc to the max when going faster…

hah nice reference to the snakes lol…

Does these wheels ‘‘dampen’’ the vibration nicely?


Im not sure how it really went, but this user, didnt get nice experience with his amazon bought tires:

with no motor the wheels stop your board within 1 or 2 meters on concrete even downhill, and i have 74kg. I also wanted to do a eboard with this but after testing it on the street i knew i won’t. Its a strange feeling when you have to push the board downhill, otherwise you stand still. On the same street with my longboard i have to break all the time not to get too fast :joy: @lowGuido I wonder what’s the range with your 10Ah battery with this build?

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Actually good question! I assume he might get something in between mountainboard and longboard consumtion… I would say 14wh/km?

With that… I would theoretically calculate ~12.7km at fully charged and fully depleted battery… So in real life this might probably come close to 10-11km, That is, of course, if he does not have higher wh consumtion per km… or his battery is rated differently than how I calculated (3.7v x 6cells x 8 ah), plus, he has two motors, so I assume 10-15% less range?

Battery Discharge test?

I think would be cool, if @lowGuido could do a ‘‘discharge test’’ for those of us, who are curious about distance and energy consumtion!..

@lowGuido if you havent done this a lot… I think the easiest is to charge your batteries till full, then go out to ride as much as you can with constant speed (if possible) and then when charging back to full, spend attention on how many Ah has been pumped back into the battery…

Then based on how many kilometers / miles, you made… you should get an approx measure of wh per km…

I started a build with this deck and kegel wheels. The idea was to have a drop-through feeling with this drop deck without switching the motor to the back. I drilled new holes more outside to give the motor some room. I planned a top mount 10s 5Ah battery with bms and vesc for 20km range in the middle. I don’t like the high position on most eboards, i love the stability escpecially on turns when it’s lower to the ground. But i stopped that build because i prefer a shorter wheelbase… So if someone is intersted in this deck, the 195mm black trucks or the 125mm offroad wheels with black hubs, just tell me. I would sell it (also in parts) for a low price (shipping in europe).


@Okami I have ridden 8km an charged about 4000mah. I think 15 ~ 16km would be a good guess of the range.

Bought that board for my brother. Took the wheels and trucks off and changed the crappy grip tape. How did you get that pulley insert made? Mind sending me files or did you do it by hand?

Woah… that’s some awesome range!

I assume that means:

500mah (0.5 Ah) per km 11.1 Wh / km (0.5 X 22.2v nom)

Cannot wait to fit my 6 inch wheels then… I wonder what range I might get with these…

Yeah I saw the board for so cheap I couldnt help myself. As you say the grip is rubbish and so were the trucks and bearings. The deck itself seems ok.

Oh and I made everything by hand. As I do with all of my builds… no fancy 3D printers or CNCs here.

I tried to calculate the gear ratio as close as possible to my street wheels. With street wheels I get about 22km from 10Ah. Also with the idler pulley setup it allows me to run quite a loose belt which makes a far more efficient drive.

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I might model something up then. Do you have any dimensions that I can work with? Thanks

@lowGuido U should point this out to some ‘‘non believers’’ in the nyc post about Kaly’s board :smiley: I think they not long ago had a thought that idler pulleys create extra resistance n such

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mate, contrary to popular belief I’m not here to argue on the internet. just to share what I have done. I know what works and what doesn’t because I have built Heaps of different boards that I experimented with and designed myself rather than just doing what everyone else does.

to be honest I don’t even care if people don’t believe. there are people on here who still believe that narrow trucks don’t turn tighter and that single drive will pull to one side. I’m not even gonna start on my Uneven Drive system…

at the end of the day I’m not telling anyone to do anything just sharing what I have done.

I mean If I had listened to people (to be honest I didn’t see that thread.) about the quality of this board I never would have built it. and missed out on all this fun.


oh and just for a bit of a laugh heres bones super reds Vs the bearings that the board came with.


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Cool build! Maybe you’ve already done so, but cut down those bolts sticking out of the wheel!! It looks like something from a chariot death race, haha

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