Low rider minimal enclosure clearance

I’m considering to build a low rider that can still drive over speedbumps, anyone experience with how low you can go while still keeping a good clearance? I was thinking about 4cm clearance.

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That also depends on your wheel to wheel distance

Don’t do it, you don’t want to risk smacking your enclosure on something potentially damaging your battery.

Damn…that’s where I’ll be sitting at with flex accounted for

If you wanna be sure then tape a block of cardboard that’s the same size and shape of your expected enclosure and push it around like a normal skateboard, if you see scratches it’s too low


5cm (flex accounted for) on a 75cm center to center wheel base WILL clear typical speedbumps as reference, I got a bolt that sticks down out the middle of my board (it holds the batteries in their holders) and it only bottomed out going over a driveway gutter, I do speed bumps all the time with it

Very worried about my next build because it’s 4cm clearance on a 85cm wheel base

Yea or you top mount and can go as low as it gets. But it got its own downsides.

Can you eventually split the enclosure a la Boosted + dig into the deck ? You’d gain clearance this way.

Use wood Inserts and make / get angled enclosure, no vertical wall in front and back (eventually if you scrape it you don’t want it to be torn apart from your deck, angled surface will help with it “sliding” instead of blocking your momentum).

Once I badly wanted an electric Pantheon Trip or Ember v2, this thing sits as low as it gets. Compact beauty with a sick stance, some flex for comfort too.

What are you building ?

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Hmm ill have to experiment with a cardboard enclosure i guess, my wheelbase is less tho think about 70cm and i have abec11 97mm wheels

Yeah i want to go top mount, i have abec11 97mm wheels, and use a landyachtz droo carve 37inch deck. Im just making a small 3d printed enclosure. Dont know the pantheon and ember ones imma google them.

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