Low Torque Flipsky VX1 Remote

So I am trying to use an electric skateboard remote from flipsky the VX1 and its reciever, but I only get the torque i need when i use a pwm input such as that from an RC reciever (max 60 amp), but with the remote I get very little motor current (max 2 amp). I’ve spent hours tryna dig into the vesc tool app adjusting nearly all there is too adjust and cannot get the motor current to increase, and these are hall sensor motors as well so i have zero idea what to do now.

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Disconnect the sensors. Run detection wizards. And also vx1 has 1-2-3-4 settings. I personally hate the vx1.

what does 1-2-3-4 mean

Its still not giving enough current to the motors

Speeds… have you ran the motor setup in vesc tool?

yea motor does its thing and spins, but when using very little current to spin and when a load is put on the motor it has very low current, only when i have a pwm setup, it has plenty of current for the motor.

Did you run input wizard

Yea it doesnt show vesc remote options

Run input wizard again switch to ppm/uart

it dont work, it does not show any data from the remote

the pulses just stay still like in the video:(

picture i mean

oh yea that i tried that then doing setup but the remote doesnt give good data back to vesc, it makes the motor stutter and not turn

it does not work

Please send some pictures of your remote connexion between receiver and UART port of VESC. Also you need to set on UART only i think and not PPM and UART. At 115200 baud.


Okay, it looks like you didn’t make the right connexion. look at here. First you have to solder or plug somehow this white wire to the positive terminal of your VESC. Then I think that the plug that goes on the receiver is backwards, and maybe also in the UART port.

Just make sure checking the letters on your receiver and the VESC diagram here that VIN VTX RTX and GND are connected to the same letters on the VESC’s UART port. (VIN goes to 5v)

IVE DONE IT, i just used the ppm mode from the signal pin, the uart aint worth crap, ill post pics of the project when im done if i remember, should be a lil different.