Lowes 24 Volt Battery Packs have

Lowes 24 Volt Battery Packs have six brand new green Samsung 18650 cells, a voltage indicator, and a BMS for $20.

I bought four of them, wired them in parallel, and soldered an XT90 connector on. My volts don’t sag at all.

The 40 volt battery pack has 10 red LG cells, I found two of them on ebay brand new for $70.

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Which ones? Thats kind of the important thing x)

hold on, I’ll take a photo…

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How do you wire these battery packs in series?

  • battery 1 negative to battery 2 positive
  • battery 1 positive to xt90 connector positive
  • battery2 negative to xt90 connector negative

most likely 25r

or 20r considering they are 2ah

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still fun for portable extra batteries

  • INR18650-20R in the 2 amp battery packs
  • INR18650-15L are in the 1.5 amp battery packs

I bought 2 of the 1.5 amp battery packs for $15, that’s just over a dollar a cell.

where did you get this so cheap?

While the cost isn’t bad, the value you’re receiving when compared to the value per dollar of the 20R is pretty bad.

IMO, 2amp packs or bust

Yeah these are great. I use them with a boost converter mounted to my board, slot them in and charge on the go.


I’ve considered a few times using them as a main pack. I was also suprised to see genuine quality cells in there. They have gone up in price around me, but when I first started buying them I was getting the 12 cell versions, 4AH, for around $25 a pop, and the 1.5 and 2ah ones for $10 due to persistent mispricing at my local stores :sunglasses: I could have done a 12S4P 8Ah pack for $100.


I bought them at Lowe’s in January, I think the prices are going up as we get closer to Spring.

I agree with you, I just got excited when I saw the prices, and bought the last two 1.5 amps. :slight_smile:

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I just zoomed in and saw the battery pack in the back, hell yes :slight_smile:

They make a 10s1p 2.5 amp and a 10s2p 5 amp too.


How much is the 10s2p, do you know?

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Check lowes.com I have also used a few of these: https://www.ebay.com/p/36v-Samsung-Battery-for-Smart-Scooter-Self-Balancing-2-Wheels-Electric-Unicyle/1241771142?iid=392248956882&chn=ps