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LOWEST VESC PRICES EVER | Bulk Price Drop | Now $70USD

:crown: HUGE VESC SALE ON NOW :crown:

1pc of VESC now just $99USD 2pc of VESC now just $190USD (Includes 5.5mm connectors, capacitor board & XT60 power connector) :airplane: WORLDWIDE SHIPPING :airplane:

  • Demand for the VESC is at an all time high, Therefore, I will be substantially increasing my batch sizes which means better prices due to increases in scale, efficiency & productivity. (next batch due mid april)
  • I will also be moving production to the US into a state of the art facility that can meet strict international standards.
  • PCB’s will be made by OSHpark - Complete PCBA on US soil.
  • I will also be setting up warehouses in Europe and dispatching from there direct to the end users to hopefully avoid hefty import duties. (crossing some European borders might incur tax)
  • All US customer orders will ship from new US warehouse.

:bangbang: HERE IS THE NEW BULK SALE PRICING :bangbang:



Looking to start a niche business selling custom VESC? now is your opportunity to buy stock at incredible prices and value add with custom wiring services & firmware customizations.


EU warehouse is gonna be a good addition, not many actors around here.

Awesome! Will the euro warehouse-VESCs have the CE-markings?

If I order at these prices, will the VESC’s arrive in April?

that’s the plan!..

mmm thats kinda late,
Is there an option on the vesc’s for 4mm bullet connectors?

Sounds good!! Cheaper prices for everyone…

I should also have VESC’s available very shortly as well around the same price point.

Great to see the community growing even bigger. :grinning:

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I don’t do vesc customizations. speak with @chaka

Yeah, I will have to go with chaka and get the vesc’s in february.


This new Made in USA batch will have the latest hardware & firmware version.

Will they come with an additional capacitor making it compatible with FOC ?

Yes. They will be made according to the most recent git hub update.

Thank you for your answer !

I have just another question: I am currently living in France, and am also considering buying your VESC. Thus, I would like to know how your warehouse system will be set up ? And, when you explained that “some European borders might incur tax”, is it because there isn’t warehouse in some coutries or because we could face import duties in a random way ?

Thanks again for your help and also for your offer which make VESC affordable for all !

Are there some taxes if something passes from one European country to another? if so you will have to pay that.

I have an option of two EU warehouses, UK or Netherlands.

Maybe someone @elkick who has experience can advise about the likely taxes for items passing borders in EU.

There is no tax when sending products within European Union (there are some special areas though, like Åland or Greenland. See the link). But you have to pay the VAT-rate of the country you are shipping from or where you are shipping to.

Yes, you’re right, no tax for European Union trades. I have already buy from ADS in UK, or received parcel from hobbyking European warehouse and no tax, actually.

Great thanks, it is a good news !

Yes, you’re right, no tax for European Union trades. I have already buy
from ADS in UK, or received parcel from hobbyking European
warehouse and no tax, actually.

Sorry Skirk, your confusing customs duty with VAT tax.
Like Haimindo said, with the exceptions of a short list of little regions with exemptions, every business pays VAT when they sell to consumers. They also pay VAT when selling to businesses within their own country.
The price is the same for you as it is for UK citizens, because you are paying UK VAT.
Intra-EU kick into play when both parties have a VAT numbers (are businesses) and reside in different countries. Then it is possible to not pay VAT.

if your thinking of setting up a warehouse or reshipment service in EU, I’d go with Germany.
The VAT rate is much lower than other counties. Germans pay less for shipping, since they are already the major shipping hub to most of Europe and are located in the central of Europe.
The lower VAT rate means that if the buyer is a consumer, they will pay less for the product.

Luxembourg has a lower VAT, but I’ve heard that they are very bureaucratic.
Germans are bureaucratic as all hell, but in a logical way.
Could almost say bureaucratic, but in a good way :slight_smile:

You don’t have to have a real warehouse to fulfil the tax requirements, it enough that you
form a company in Germany or apply for a VAT code with your existing Australian company.
You then package everything ready with the end recipients address and
stuff all these packages into a big box and ship it directly to the DHL terminal.

Hope this helps.



Looks very nice! I’m a fan of the red solder mask.

I want to buy two VESCs and am based in the UK. Who should I order from?