Lux CS Electric Longboard Not Charging

So here’s the scoop. I bought a Lux model CS “used” meaning they road it once and put it in storage. The board arrived and I charged it and gave it a couple spins all was fine. I had a ride where I ran it dead and pushed it about a quarter mile back home. I left it in my living room while I got water and undressed from my pads and other gear. By the time I got it on the charger it would have been less than one hour and it wouldn’t charge.

Things I tried to fix it.

First I ran it on the treadmill which does get it to turn on and I can get it to connect to the remote to break but after trying it for 30 ish minutes it would not hold charge. Heck I tried plugging it in while running it on the treadmill.

When I plug it into the brick charger the charging indicator stays green (not charging) but after 10ish minutes I can press the power button and the charging light will flash from red to green for about 20 minutes before going back to solid green. During this process the light ring around the power button on the board will be green and decrease in brightness then jump back up to full also making a beeping sound like its being turned on and off.

I bought a lower voltage lower amperage charger but no dice. If I leave the lower charger connected to the board it’ll get to the point where I can turn on the board but it dies after a second. If I leave it on the original charger for 10 min then connect it to the new one the new one will flash charging for 3 ish seconds.

Here are the numbers

The charging block that came with the board has a 42v 1.5A output

The one I just purchased has a 36v 1A output

I have yet to take the board apart to see what I’m working with but I am willing and comfortable doing so. I’m considering buying another charger a 24v 0.6A and seeing if that works. I’ve started the process of getting in touch with Lux to see if they have any suggestions. This occurrence was 6 days ago and I was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas on a budget. Any and all help is appreciated.

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I think the bms is not working. Buying different chargers will not help if the BMS is faulty

I might have found the culprit…

Never mind I don’t think that’s the problem. How would I go about diagnosing a bad BMS?

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replacing stuff.