Lycon board trx, ecomobl et,aeboard ax 3 (parts) for sale

hi, I have a few used boards for sale. I have a 2wd planatary gear ecomobl Et in good condition 2sets of wheels ,for 700 plus shipping. A lycon board TRX 550 (custom 4mm grip tape with the 2 stock grip tapes as well) plus shipping and a aeboard ax3 with street (rubber tread style)wheels ,this board has a failed hub motor, 1 works 1 doesnt ,not sure why 275 plus shipping(full disclosure,the aeboard batteries rattle,its annoying, i suspect foam could fix it). i will update milage soon. ive not posted here before, i dont know how to post pics. im in the sf bay area,id prefer to sell localy. Id be willing to create an ebay ad if you are worried about buying from me,or pay pal, no postal money orders or nigerean prince payment bs. im old and not good with thec, you may need to email me for pics. i ride in steep hills,im 200 lbs, ill give you honest assesment of performance of the boards. im trying to buy a cally nyc,thats why im selling Jason im getting an error with some files, the trx has diffrent grip tape, 2 small scratches on carbon,really minor. if we do a deal ill want to make sure you see latest pics of everything. ill get pics of the ax3carbon tomorrow

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where are you located?

Oakland hills

im going to sell my pscyotiller also, it died on me going up hill, i think it is the esc, ive ordered a new one, when i have it the board will be for sale as “parts” with a new esc not installed. It has 45mile plus range with 200 lb rider in hills. Six shooters Chamber TKP Trucks, maytech 6374 190kv motors and a double hand full of belts for it, lets say at least 10belts. there is a crack in the enclosure, i think its because the wires dont have a recess, the enclosure is clamping down on them, I think this caused a stress crack. for some reason i cant post more pics of thePsycotiller (llalama deck 42") or the AEBOARD AX3 CARBON this board has good bttery, extra set of street tread rubber wheels and 1 bad hub motor. had 32 mph top spped and 25 miles of real range. Likely go on ebay tomorrow 1/22 , if the add is up they are for sale, ill amend it when the sell. Thanks, Jason

Ecomobi still for sale I was thinking about getting one How does it ride ?

yes I still have it, when things sell i will update the add. I have ridden 6 other boards in total so you know my experience , i really like it, it is not an off road board. You can do hard pack fire roads all day, but in looser stuff you either loose traction or the back will try to pass the front(down hill) . It is great for any asphalt conditions, it seems really water resistant from what i can tell. I have the samsung 12s 40 T power eddition(as opposed to range addition) unless you are under 150 lbs i would have a hard time reccomending thr range eddition over the power. Be aware when i bought mine (6 months ago) there was another battery option, i only rember it was 50t something, I got the better option. I weigh 200 lbs with out gear, i wear a lot as i dont need any more screws or plates in me. Also all my riding is in steep hills as thats whats out side my door. I get 19 miles of range with a 18 MPH average speed. for a 30% hill it manages to get me going 16-18 MPH. The brakes work well,at a complete stop at a light it will “creep” a little ,not a problem. The planatary motors do make more noise than most but not all belts, ive heard it compared to a chain saw, this is not accurate, it lets people know you are there, but isnt offensive. I love the deck, the drop down style locks your feet in. There is no flex to speak of in the deck. The lights are really good for what they are. You can turn them on with the remote, or they come on when you apply the brakes, there is no " stealth option" I ride at night and only supplement with a hand held flashlight, you can ride with out the flashlight as the lights illuminate the road because they are low, ive done whole rides where there are no street lights(and i have no flashlight), but i go a bit slower, a small flashlight in addition is better IMHO. I think this has the same motors as the “M20” the 2WD board they sell that has shock towers front and rear,if so i doubt that one is really much better as the airless tires are going to limit true off road capability. The extra weight seems wasted. I see them on chineese versions of Amazon cheap, but i wonder about customs etc. The trucks are stabil at speed with out cranking the trucks down, given the wheels and trucks it carves prety good, although if carving is your thing double king pin trucks are better IMHO. I dont know if it will over charge when full going down hill, it doesnt seem to have an alarm for overcharging like my TRX will vibrate the remote to warn you, so be aware. Ok im sure i wrote too much, miss spelled everything and left something out, let me know any questions you have even if you are buying new i am happy to be able to make a contribution to the community. My board has 472 km on it . Jason

can i change my user name to “WRITES WALL OF TEXT’” ?

if any one gets any board with planetary motors, be careful as it seems easy to get a bit of metal in the motors and lock them up, they say you can hose the motors down but i could see this locking up a motor. They have quite a bit of how to videos on you tube for mantince, perhaos have a look before buying .

The information was helpful I have 3 boards looking for my next… What’s the best price you would consider if you don’t mind me asking.

650 is my best price, if i cant get that im going to give it to my 14 year old(dam he is spoiled)

btw it will push to start as well. it come swith 2 chargers, one is a bit noisy , so i just got a secon unit, they do not cover the charger . also 2 sets of wheels one red one set black. I had a difftent color on the fron to keep my dumb ass from forgetting witch end is which. If you are in the sf bay area, you can take it on a test ride with me, or leave collateral and ride it solo .

avoid the APSUboard GTR board, it looks like a belt drive kally NYC, it is a dog, my neighbor got one, very dissapointing .

I’m in Florida no hills here push to start ??? I have exway flex verreal and eovan all just get on and throttle to go… Do you Grease the gear drive

Many boards you have to push a power button on the board, as well as the remote it sucks. you have to grease them i think once a year. The area where the grease is is pretty isolated. You can put the motors(wheels) in to a tub of water and run it to clean it, the company has a video of this or i would never say that. This board will do ok on wet packed sand for example, dry sand, flat out no. this thing has plenty of power on flat ground. On flat ground i might consider the range version, also the reverse sucks, no way to use it really, it is too fiddley to be pratical. oh it does 36 mph with me on it, easy ,no wobbles either

if you see one of the pics i managed to upload on the rear black wheel you can see a red metal grid, that is all waterproof, the area you grease is behind that, you take the wheel/motor off and acess a cover with an o ring seal and 4 allen screws . It is actualy well thought out, they have a ton of how to videos(this typicly means you arent sending it back)

edit look at the trucks, you take the wheel motor off, then that plate with the allen screws, you grease i think every 1000 miles in there, dont quote me on the 1000 miles distance, but it isnt frequent

I feel stupid power button yes 2 of my boards are like that only exway isn’t Can I PayPal you on Tuesday

yes, im fine holding it till then enna.jason at gmail .com florida is a long way 700 shipped ok?

i feel stupid once every day, dont sweat it

That should not be a problem I’ll verify with the wife tomorrow she has an ebike we ride together sometimes

Are the front light bright enough for night riding?

yes, i ride back roads with shitty pavement, i can do so with just the lights, though for faster 18mph plus i use a flashlight too. they are a little better than shred lights, placement is spot on, the side leds help visability big time. on flat ground with any type of street lights you should be fine .

email me and ill senda pic of the lights on in total darkness edit i compared it to 2 shred lights on high, the board is about 10 % brighter. if you like throw in 10$ ill include a light mount that mounts to the top of the trucks, has a 5" long bar it’s 3" high, allows you to use bike lights, i have 4 on it for 6000 watts, its like the sun coming around the corner at 18MPH, i have mountain lions, cyotes and deer, light is good.