M boards 10s bms question

so I was looking at their 10s bms and it is advertised as a 42v. but I clearly see a 36v in the picture of it. is this related to something else on the bms, or is this really 36v being sold as a 42v… sorry if its a dumb question.

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nominal voltage of Li ion battery is 3.6v, but voltage of that battery when it’s full is 4.2v

so, nominal voltage of your 10s pack is 36v and if you want to charge it to 100% you have to use 42v charger.

nominal voltage is just number which you use to calculate Wh

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Read more about batteries before you blow something up. DIY Lithium Batteries from Micah Toll is good start.

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Read more about Mboards before you also blow up your wallet.

36 volts is the nominal charge for 10s batteries, 42 volts is the fully charged state.

good looking out… thank you