M Boards Dual motor esc Stuck in low power mode (solved)

The board consists of two batteries wich are seriers connected to a esc. The esc starts up and I have no problmen connecting the esc to the controller. Howewer the esc is beeping signaling that the board or the controller is in critically low power.This is a safe mode and it disables the acceleration meaning that only the motor brake works. Both the batteries and the controler is fully charged. Can someone help ? I have searched the web for a while and can not find an answer. Can you program the esc ?

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yep, im having a similar issue. except it seems like the accelerations still works, but the power is cut wayy down. the power button also seems to blink in these times, haven’t heard any beeping

I am going to try and change the voltage settings. Do you think that would work ? Could be pre set for 10s

that might work. let me know. ive got my board with me rn, but im at the library so i cant really open it up. but if theres anything you need a second opinion on im here. I am running a 10s3p 30q. what battery are you running?

Im using one 3s 50c and one 4s 50c together 8300mah so a 7s configuration

do you know what the matching button does ?

what button are you talking about?

there is a small button next to the buzzer and the development port

ah, no i dont know what that does, im in a library, so i cant really open my board up. But i would think it might be some reset button

By ironing the contact for 7s I was able to solve my problem. The esc is no longer set in low power mode

hi, how is this done? i have 10s