M.Hboards battery building services!

Hey all!

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been making custom batteries for a while, however, I’ve never made a thread advertising my services till now!

Here’s some pictures of previous batteries I’ve built (some of the previous batteries I’ve built had crossed balance wires, but this has since been corrected).

0329191229a 0329191311 0329191316 0331192234 0329191315 0331192215a 0402191830 0331191701 0329191610 0331191655 0329191616 0331191756 0329191610b 0401191901 0502192302 0502192303a 0502192303 0503191709~2 0502191526 0502192312 0502191329 0502192305 0503191339 0502192312a 0503191658a~2 0503191710a~2

All cells are sourced from a very reputible US vendor called Liion Wholesale and are tested to be genuine grade A cells!

All packs use: saltwater tested pure nickle strip (the nickle strip also has rounded corners), insulation rings on the positive terminal and have ample fishpaper and kapton tape where needed. All packs come standard with a xt60 connector for discharge and a 5.5x2.5 or 5.5x2.1 (buyer chooses) jack for chargeing. Other connectors are availible upon request.

The standard bms included is a charge only Daly electronics waterproof bms, but other bms’s such as bestech are availible as an upgrade (see prices below). Packs do not include a charger, but chargers are also availible upon request.

Standard turn around time is approximately 2-4 weeks as I order the bms from China and need to wait for it to arrive. If you need a battery quicker, please pm me and I may be able to work something out.

Here are my current prices ( prices do not include shipping and are subject to change at anytime).

10s2p 30Q $198

10s3p 30Q $249

10s4p 30Q $299

10s5p 30Q $349

12s2p 30Q $229

12s3p 30Q $284

12s4p 30Q $349

12s5p 30Q $399

Other cell types and configurations are availible, just pm me!

Additional upgrades availible on all batteries-

Bestech charge only bms(your choice of d140, d124, d190 etc.) +$20

Bestech charge/discharge 80amp bms with eswitch +$45

Bluetooth charge only bms +$20

Make your battery a flexible pcb based battery +$35

If you are interested in purchasing a battery please send me a pm and we will discuss your specific battery (cell layout, cell type etc.)!

All transactions are done through PayPal goods & services.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below!


Why would you want fuses on the cells?

Some may want it for extra battery protection. But I like most don’t build my batteries with cell level fusing.