M14 panel mount for sensor wires?

I just hate dealing with JST-PH for custom lengths.

Has anyone tried M14 panel mount for phase wires? I’d much rather mod motor cables to use these connectors than trying to crimp or solder PH pins.

Panel mount holes might be as small as 12mm, as large as 21mm.

I have no idea on the non-clone origin of these connectors. Hoping to flush out the connector nerds.



These GX-16 look possibly okay too

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Dude, are you sure you don’t want me to shorten the sensor wires on that motor I’m sending?

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Haha lol I’m dealing with this on a bunch of builds. Short or long, it’s never just right :slight_smile:

@b264 would the pins on these M14 connectors be thick enough to carry the current from phase wires? I wouldn’t think so

Yes they are sufficient for sensor wire current. Pretty much (imo) if you’re good at working with soldering tight spaces, and decent with wire management and strain relief, they’re worth the extra effort. To be able to plug/unplug for any board mods, to have more protection from the elements, to change and experiment between sensored modes, and to just have a sleek look overall gives me a lot of satisfaction and almost closure haha. I found some decent plastic circular connectors on amazon and got 2 and they are fine. Others may feel differently though.

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