MACKAR - Bags for ESK8's

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with them, just saw it on the Facebook group and thought it would be nice to share here.

Seems group buys are possible as a guy on the Facebook club said he’s done it before for the ESK8UK group

Interesting alternative to the Obed and Ultra long bags that are currently around, seems practical for short and long boards depending on the bag. Seems relatively new.

Edit: got in contact, here’s their reply:

I can update the website tonight on the dimensions. The bags can be cheaper depending on the amount. Happy to serve a fellow Eskater 🤙


I wish they had sizes on their website because they do look like nice quality bags

Talked to the guy they should have it later today or tomorrow (timezones) trying to get a quote to see how much for a group buy and videos demonstrating how the bag looks and feels

Will it hold my 45 lb board?

hahaha probably not… They don’t know what we build around here :wink:


Not to be that guy, but you gotta have a picture of the elctric skateboard bag with an esk8 in it. smh.


They do have a remote in the bag

These don’t look like they’re very strong or long enough. I have one of these and can fit my 40’’ long board with sixshooters with the motors mounted in the back. It expands to 44". Granted it is almost twice the price.


How much allowance do you have with the six shooters and the deck inside?

Been looking for a bag very close to this for a hummie deck with 6.5” pneumatics

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I have two different bags from them (I was trying to find a good one). They aren’t terrible quality, but they aren’t great by any means. They are also board specific and look pretty awkward IMO.


I pretty much maxed it out with my set up. If your trucks are more narrow you might be able to fit the 6.5’s.

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Yeah sounds like its gonna work out for me on 200mm rkps especially since I’ve got riptide tunnel risers that are half an inch thick lol maybe with gummies it might.

Only one way to find out! You could always take the wheels off to fit it.

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IMG_20190220_104819 IMG_20190220_104714 IMG_20190220_104734 IMG_20190220_104823 Here are some photos of me with my 3M Mackar backpack with my evolve gt :+1:


I was working on a minimalistic bag design for my boards a few weeks ago, trying to perfect it but it’s mostly accustomed to board shape. My older bag designs was too hard to make, (took too long). I also had two extra samples that I was working with but one was too uncomfortable and now my full bag I custom make doesn’t fit my pneumies. My bags are made of ballistic nylon and some Fidlock buckles. I believe the Fidlock popularity grew with the Boosted Bag, and one thing is for sure, that the bag does get pricey with Fidlock buckles lol

What do you guys look for in a esk8 bag? something on your back or the back of your bag like Lacroix’s Osprey bags? I’ve been trying to perfect my bags for a while, I can’t seem to hit it though as I want to.

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These are some of the customs I’ve made last year. image image image image


What these backpacks need is a carabiner on the back for your helmet.


I made them from scratch based off my design. I sewed them all myself. I didn’t have a plan for a full face helmet sac to put on it, but definitely something I want to do in the future.

Nice custom bags @Flashgod224

The main things I want from any carrying bag; that it has minimal weight, storage for tools, the grip tape isn’t destroying my clothes and the weight is put on a hip belt when carrying.

Adapted camelbak is nearly there… if the bag wrapped around the board to get it closer to my back I’d be happier.

Mmm, my backs which are made of expensive ballistic nylon material is abrasive resistant to grip tape. I’ve done many tests with ground, dirt, and sandpaper to see the resistance and it’s all minimal to no wear at all. Also a pro of the material I use is that it’s waterproof.

I look forward to making a simply esk8 bag that is comfortable… but does it need storage space? I’ve been on many group rides now and noticed that I don’t always need my big custom bag because it’s just too much.

Edit: I think OBED bags are quite marvelous in every criteria, boosted bag is too expensive, and other off brands look good, just not aesthetic enough.

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