Mad Munkey 3D Printed Enclosure FREE to Good Home

Hi everyone,

I had the local maker lab at my library print the FlatlineCustoms mad munkey enclosure.

I’m not sure how the quality but it’s FREE to a good home. Pics attached.

I’m also still looking for a collaboration with a custom builder to rent or buy a used electric board. I want to use my live channel to promote board commuting (the right way) and safety on my live periscope channel. I think we’re going to need new safety gear I’d like to explore that on my channel. I also want to start collecting sidewalk and bike path requirements to see if we can start getting these more friendly for electric commuter boards. I’m currently based in Denver, I’m a lifetime skateboarder (read old) in relatively good shape 5’ 8" 130lbs. DM me if this is something you thing you would be interested in or you know someone that would be a good fit. Thanks guys!

UPDATE: Sending out to wmj259 !!!

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Greatly Appreciated!! As to pass the good deed forward, I will also have a freebie up online within next month.