MAD SURFER | Deck Custom 59" | Trucks Supercarve | 5065 140kv | FSESC4.20 | Graphene 10s5Ah45C | FW 107mm | Metr.Pro

Hey e-riders !

A new vid for the WE :wink:

And I glad to share with you my 1st little and shiny complete ride recorded with my Metr.PrrroooooooooOOOh !!! Hiiiiaaaaaaaaaa :star_struck: I was testing (-)22Motor Max(min) 30A Batt Max -15Batt min 6.5km for 1395mAh re-charge in 20min :v:

Edit : Franglish correction ^^

Hey e-riders !

A bit more than 150km with the setup … I feel like this board let the summer endless :v: :sunny:


Some fiew more ride with the sun !.. Don’t know how much this will keep going, but it feel a bit like endless summer ! :v::sunny: Thanks to keep me riding this a bit more.

Cause a quick upgrade for the winter season is coming :stuck_out_tongue: !!!

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Ride, ride, ride !

:upside_down_face: …but my eMTBoard miss me a bit :sweat_smile: or the power.

I guess it is the end of this big surf-skate deck for this year! I’m going to split it and upgrade some part for the winter season :

  1. Lighter and more flexy deck > I’m thinking about my Arbor Axis Koa
  2. Change the flywheels for air tire > Superstar hub and as usual coupled with Primo Stricker 8" … maybe 7" roadies to lower it, I have to test.
  3. Find the good deal by BoardBumper for : 2x gear 66T + 2x belt + 4x standard longboard bearing hub adapter for Superstar rim. All around 50/55€ at
  4. Change this Dual 4.20 and set 2x new 4.12 vesc
  5. Now I may need an enclosure ^^

Photo and rebuild to come :v: :wink: Good WE & Good Ride !


Ok e-riders !

So, 3 pt (almost) done this WE

They’re already at the custom actually!

Here, I got 1st to make the mold !.. It could take some time ^^


Hi e-riders !

Ok, so… It almost looks just like I want (except there is still no enclosure ^^) But I’m a bit disappointed here :unamused:

I would like to upgrade from urethane wheel to air tire, so I buy this BoardBumper kit and well follow the video setup (even if I’m not at my 1st build :blush: I am a good student!). But nothing goes easy or aligned correctly with itch other or spin round or fit well.

The wheels bearing aren’t sitting properly in this plastic adapter and there is only some mm sit and the end of the bearing is just not supported (in the bearing adapter) … weird! you could see the gap You can make the rim not spinning around on the trucks just by hand, so I couldn’t imagine when you ride on it :scream_cat:

When you set the wheel drive is not and can’t be aligned to motor gear, due to design :

  • Cause this little 5065 motor got an hole (not keyway) to set the grub-screw in place and hold the motorgear fix on the saft.
  • Then the wheeldrive that come on the 10mm axel of the Supercarve hanger can’t be moving forward more than that on the hanger.

I set all like in the vid, then make the wheels spin freely and shaking everywhere making the board bounce ^^ Belt move and come naturally in place, but not the good one : same on the other side :disappointed_relieved: Always got 3-4mm of the belt outside the wheeldrive … And it start to rub against the collar of the pinion (sprocket) and the mount But here I could solve the issue with another motorgear.

Another big problem with it … the tension of the belt is no longer adjustable !!! the motor gear is to close to the wheel drive and there is no space to adjust it. Really weird for a AT kit (even if there is many tooth engage) !

I guess this isn’t ridable.

I let the dealer shop and BoardBumper know about the issue, and the response is :

The customer has the gear spaced to far out. It should be aligned with the motor gear. He needs to remove some spacers behind the drive gear bearing.

haha :rofl:… yes, it’s why I emailed us … and like shown in the picture above ( and that I joined them) there is nothing removable to make some more space from the wheel side.

Also the aftermarket motors and motor gear he is using has different gear placement compared to stock motors and out motors. It causes the motor gear to sit to close to the motor mount. This causes issues trying to align the motor gear with the drive gear. For the belt to run true they must be perfectly aligned with one other.

Ok, so that I already know > to change my motorgear but nothing about belt tensioning.

I got no problem with the Evolve street kit, 38T wheel drive this this same Evolve-like setup…

Did Evolve motor get a long shaft and a keyway? Can one adjust the alignment of the pinion on the motor axis/shaft with the 66T AT kit? Make the belt tensioning possible?

I answer them, since no news, I transferred again my email back on Wednesday. Plus they did not respond to my cancellation request.

This kit just didn’t worth it … I make 5km and the belt shred so much that it brake, let me go home with one little motor and the other one spinning freely (yes, I know, I wouldn’t walk all the way and it was the slave motor). I will put my 107mm back !

too bad :v: :tired_face: I really like how it was looking …

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Damn that sucks! I wish I knew how to help you, but this is beyond my knowledge. Is that a Loaded Vangurad deck though?

Edit: nvm, just saw earlier post

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:grin: Thx for your support mate!

My bad, I shouldn’t give a try without changing the motorgear… I was wishing I could swap wheel/belt like on an Evolve setup without some other custom. I couldn’t wait to ride a bit AT. But I should! Now I have to order another belt or … Maybe got some ideas for the futur :blush:

Hey e-riders !

So, I put the old setup of MADSURFER on the arbor because I needed my ride dose :

I wasn’t able to do the same full-throttle ride as on the big super long flat hard-stick custom deck of the MADSURFER … and I seriously miss space on this 40" deck :smile: I’m kidding (a bit) . . But it’s a lot more transportable now and feels a lot cooler for my feet with the shaped deck and for my knees with the flex! Also, I now ride with 30/-25 Motor and 30/-25 Batt (Max/min), going easy on the throttle when going uphill and it’s all good with the Dual 4.20 (and I find a bit more fun with this little extra power ^^).

And I don’t loose time after the fail of the AT version, I come back to my actual fav transmission :

I just really need my custom mount more than ever now! To make this fit :stuck_out_tongue:

It should more look like this : A little bit heavier than the 1st version posted, raw finish, no chamfer/filet or anodization. But style adjustable, reversible and for 50/63mm motors.

And I come out of an old project that I had teased for a while in No World Only Pic Topic To mount longboard type bearings (22mm) on superstar rims (28mm). Still a little DIY on it (need to adjust a side of my adaptor … maybe I will put it on a motor then spin it and try to sand at the same time …), just need like a slight bore but outside and it will soon fit the hub I hope!

Good WE all :v:

i have the same arbor deck. I have not electrified it yet. was there a reason why you didn’t want to put the trucks through the deck? could you put it through the deck?

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Hey Jerry, Nice, you should love it as me iI guess if you think about electrifiy it (I :zap: mine after a summer of push in drop-through mode with Caliber and 62mm I guess).

I mount it topmount for now because the Supercarve trucks + Evolve motormount + this front and back (tail+noze) deck make “motorbits”. Now I should not get this issues anymore with my custom mount (:crossed_fingers:)

Before that I try Maytech hub & Ronin truck on it : Lot of space under the drop-through + 42.5° CRonin + 90mm wheel :

Edit : I think maybe I should start an other Topic to let this MAD SURFER on topic ? (as I prepare a completely different setup in the end … And the MAD SURFER will see the day again in the spring season !)

For the motor shaft, since it has a groove for the set screw, why dont you use a dremel like tool and grind a little of the shaft till it gets a little flat so you can move the motor pulley either direction and then the set screw will sit against the flat part of the shaft.image image

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Hey e-riders !

I know,…

I say I should stop posting here, but I’m a bit lazy this WE … :blush:

Just a little vid about the AT setup, before the upgrade :blush:

@Tampaesk8er , thanks for your feedback mate ! I don’t have a photo I think, but the 5065 motors already got this little flat along the shaft. It is my bad, I did not move places and so it breaks the belt under 5km … I was lazy, thinking I could swap wheels like on an Evolve setup I guess :smile: Nevermind, with chain it should be aaallllllllll goooood !

I’m moving place right now, so I’m a little lost in my stuff, but I have my custom mount !! :yum: ! I will show you at the end of the day ! But I will install them the next Weekend now … :v:

Hi e-riders !

To start :blush: Another pic of the actual daily setup : So far so good for cruising and carving around. But I will put everything back in order as in the beginning and just keep the awesome and funny setup of the MAD SURFER like my last urethane wheel setup (until next summer).

Ok so, that’s it, I moved!.. still a lot of boxes to unwrap, re-arrange and organize :sweat_smile: (But still a lot of Home stuff to do)

Also, as I said :

I could now if wanted :

  1. Set the MAD SURFER in AWD/4WD mode as it was originally planned, with the reversed mount for the front and not expose motors as a bumper.

  2. Or just pass to 63mm motors …

  3. Or set my Overion 36T iso 06B chain, with AT wheels on the Supercarve truck.

So, as already said I will let the MADSURFER as it was, simple & good enough for cool cruising :

The move revealed to me tonnes of stuff that I would like to reuse for the season coming. Also, I need mooore power/fun! And I want to know, how this Arbor Axis could be ridden and looks with MTB trucks, now I have my 30° riser-pads ready!! Still got the new DarthVapor/NoNameYet to finish … :exploding_head: … haha so much to do but moving is so fun too, I got an entire region to re-explore after that :blush: !!!

to follow …

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A last one :blush: The puf was sooo goooood this WE :smile:

Awesome to ride byside this gorgeous mirror with sunset colors !

That may interest some of us … : :v: :blush:

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How did the All Terrain Tyres look on the Surf Board.

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that’s massive

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