Made a Patriot built and Encountered many issues during the built

Started this built summer 2019

I had given up since due to how costly it was. Minimum wage didn’t allow me to constantly fix the issues.

-Starting summer 2019, just reached my financial ‘goal’ to buy all the pieces for The Patriot Here’s the link

I ordered all the pieces at once with minimal knowledge on electronics. I had asked all the questions before purchasing anything and had a general idea of how it would go.

Forward two weeks later, I started assembling what I had received. Batteries in series to VESC, to Motors, casing between my legs, everything was smooth.

First issue I plugged my VESC to my computer and only one port was responding out of the two. Contacted Flipsky and they only covered the repairs meaning I had to pay 30$ in shipping. I tried everything to see if it was still configurable but both sides had to be configured.

Second issue I received my remote control from amazon and I try to pair it, the receiver doesn’t connect to the remote so I contacted SkateMetric about it and they explained that I had to use the VESC tool to pair it so I looked online, everywhere I couldn’t find any information. I gave up on that later and Reddit wasn’t of any help either.

Third issue Was my fault, I accidentally left my batteries plugged in the VESC and the VESC was on, it drained them dead when I came back to work on it.

Now I ordered a new pair of batteries and a pair of balls for me. I will make this thing run and I want to. -I’m set to return the VESC for repair if it’s needed. -Order a new Remote if needed.

If any of you can help me just by reading this, please let me know. I will add videos of my issues if requested!

Thank you so much to the people who recommended asking this community, can’t wait to get it working!

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Welcome to the club. I also lost a battery by draining it…:confounded: Join https://forum.

The place to get real help without having to worry about it being down.

Uh oh, posted on the wrong site I guess! Will repost this! Thanks man!