Made Own Hub Motor

Hi, Since I bought my Motor I saw this type of motor:

Could I make a Hub Motor With it?

Short answer is no.

Long answer. There is much more when it comes to building a BLDC motor, alot of the time it is just easier for people to buy motors pre-made for this reason. You can find a way to mount the can to urethane and find end caps to mount that to the stator, even then it will probally done in a inefficient manmer, not doubting your abilities but most just cant do it or lack the tools

Happy Building!

So No Way? I imagined open a Hole in the wheel to put the magnetics and build, something like it

It is possible there is a guy on here will see if I can find the post.


Found it.

Oh, It was Hard. But it’s possible to do, I’ll contact him for the files of the Cnc

The really long answer is 3 parts. Part 1 is 60 kV motor is really low and not optimal trying to go up hills. You need a fast running start to get up the hills with this motor. Part 2 is you will need to find somebody with a lathe and mill to make the parts. Part 3, at least two bearings that can support the stress and load, but twice that amount of what it till be subject to.

Man, Alien Sells a lot of motors like this, about the Drill and Lathe, I can find one, Drill I Find on FabLab and Lathe in some shops. About the bearing I really don’t know, can you recommend one?

You can, if it’s going to have enough torque to move you around and at the same time be efficient to not overheat , probably not

I Think the only problem is to set the magnets on the Cnc Piece

  1. Cutting new magnets is not always a good idea on good machinery that might be sensitive to the magnetic chips/dust.

  2. the bearings in the can will need to be upgraded. The can should also be upgraded to support weight AND create traction with the hub motors thane.

hit me up if you need more info. I haven’t given up on my work, but I do have three lab courses this semester in addition to two non-lab science courses.

I cannot recommend a bearing type for your design however, there are sizes made to fit yours. I can suggest a sealed bearing because maintenance is minimal.

Here’s a link to a previous build by Wanderer taking a SK3 motor and making it a hub motor.

He used a 608 and 6805 bearing judging from the pictures.