Madrid Mini build - rev 1

So I have just just got my first DIY build up and running, still a way to go, but have taken it out for a couple of runs and so far so good. I just wanted to post some pics and the config to get some expert opinion. I started the board in FOC running on Max 30A which worked well but didn’t have much pull up the hills, so went up to 45A, which seems much better, thinking 60A next???

Here is the setup:

32" Madrid board Paris v2 180 trucks 83mm Flywheel clones Cheap motor mount, upgrade on its way. Gearing 20 / 48

2x Turnigy 5000mAh 4S1P 14.8v 20C Hardcase Pack FOCBOX Racerstar 6368 BRD6368 280KV (Measured at 270KV on bench, no wheel) link ebay mini remote XT90-S Anti-Spark Connector

Using Ackmaniac extended firmware and BLDC tool with Bluetooth HC-10 modal

I need to find a better charging / mounting solution, at the moment I just have a couple of wood screws holding the battery box on. Also as you can see from the scratches, I think I will need some more ground clearance. Was hoping not to have to, but think I will have to top mount my trucks. Could prob get a bit more of an angle on the motor mount, and the battery box is a bit big. Gearing is currently set at 20 / 48, I know 20 is a little high but seems to work well so far. currently waiting on a 16 tooth to replace the 20 (1:3 ratio).

Here are some photos and my current BLDC setup. Please let me know if you see anything that I need to address with my setup. :slight_smile: