Magharees Grenadier eMTB / 2 X 6374 / 2 X Focbox / 12s6p 30Q

Hi, well In was looking for an eBike but due to legality in Ireland, I was just clicking about until well yes I thought of eMTB

…and found out that in fact it was ‘a thing’ already and maturing quickly, and well I think it’s more stealthy and possibly more full than one of those Vector eBike thingamijigy’s, it will make it’s habitat on the beach and surrounding environs.

So I’m joining the gold-rush, more meat for the newbie grinder, can I have some constructive help on componentry?

Mixed reports on Alien, but - dual VESC to twin 6374 kv190, to be precise looking at this motor since will be in beach environment


Also ordered are 70 X Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A, going to run them S107P for now. Will increase to S12/P12 in time, I have read that S12 can be too much for the VESCs?

Will pack the 18650s together with a kit from India, slightly modified with brass/copper

It’s an international collaboration - VESCs from Taiwan - ordered from Vanda Trampa MTB from UK - working on this 18650s from Holland - shipped Custom motor mount from Poland, from your very own member @Idea Charger?

Considering a Tiny BMS from Lithuania any better priced well-designed alternative to consider? …And cunning battery assembly made in India

Not everything is made in China anymore! I will soon have a 3D printer so who knows maybe something can be made in Ireland besides Guiness :four_leaf_clover:

I’ll update the thread as I can

ltr sk8trs

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a Trampa emtb being stealthier than an ebike? I doubt that. From a legality point of view the eMTB is just as illegal if not more (there are at least some rules out there for ebikes).

Thanks for your input, I’m comparing to for instance a Vector steel framed based eBike with full susp. huge battery capacity, big-ass fat tires, huge speed and distance that I would only be tempted to use on the road, milk? sure back in 5…

I’m aware of the laws governing ebikes in Ireland; no power by a throttle, only assistance to pedal, 25 km/h - 250w limit, well that’s is of no interest at all; a good spicy curry and my arse could provide more assistance, so stealth as meaning off-road.

It’s not that I want to break the law, I just want to enjoy some eFun without annoying anyone else, I will be doing it when there are little or no people around in fairly deserted costal areas & maybe some back hills, I’m not looking for any attention whatsoever, I think the guards (police) are lenient if you use your common sense and play it like that.

I still think a bike is better for what you want. Why not build one yourself? The parts are basically the same. Mountainboards still need some rather smooth surfaces compared to a bike.

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Ok I’m probably done with the buying of ancillary VESC H/W - stop me when I’m doing something dumbass-ish

I’ll use some 5W/mK thermal pad to mount some mosfet heatsinks I had lying around. And yes I do have a 1mm dicke…

Also I wanna put them somewhere dry, safe and lightweight and well, cool, so picked up this, if it doesn;t work out I’ll have a killer sandwich box.

HIGHLANDER SUR005 Water Resistant Aluminium Survival Tin dimensions: 14 x 9.5 x 3.5cm, I have some grommets and some single-sided sticky foam padding to make it comfortable.

VESC PCB size: slightly less than 40mm x 60mm. How they will fit we will have to see

Would you use fans? Remember I will be close to the Atlantic throwing up a lot of salty spray close by, I was thinking air-tight is better

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metal boxes are never a good idea because of possible shorts. What are you using to house the battery?

Now that’s a good point!

But I should mention have sheets of leftover foam padding from a Shorai Lipo battery I bought for a Motorbike some time ago, I think they should insulate ok. The alum box weights 100gm which is another consideration, I did not think it was significantly heavier than a plastic box.

I agree I should be very careful about that, I may overkill and plasticoat spray the inside first or sumthing.

On the battery front I’m not sure what’s available the choices are limitless, given the weld-free kit I’ll be using LXW should be about 23X16(ish) with S10P7 config.

I will probably change the batter array format at some stage, but the MTN board I’m looking at has a width in the center of 23cm, I am talking with those who have the battery cap kit to find out how tall the cells are with the caps on, probably want more space for a BMS as well.

edit: The cells will be ~90mm in height with caps.

A case around 30cm X 23 and probably around 10cm tall would be ballpark

Nice that you are planning to join eMtb team :slight_smile:

Would suggest going dual and having powerful enough battery if there are hills nearby or u want to feel insane acceleration

So far ive experienced that rocky paths / trails are tolerable, definately not nicest to ride on but also not as good as just dirt trails with tree roots and sticks on the road.

Havent tried it on hard sand yet but it might be manageable if wheels dont sink in sand.

Happy building! Looks like u know enough from electronics side and check @ nowind and @ duffman builds, if u want some inspiration

Thanks for the welcome Okami,

Yeah there is plenty of pebbles and packed sand on the beach :slight_smile: slammed by the Atlantic all day and all night will do that

In the back hills there are some good trails too I think. I am looking after retro modding an older trampa with 8" wheels. Down the road I think a primo 9" with mud plugger may be what is really good for sand at least that’s what trampa say, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a pulley option on trampa for primos…

I’m about 75kg so I hope I’m not a sinker

I have stumbled across those builders, cooll I will thread search


mh im using primo strikers 9inch but mud pluggers could be more aggresive (more suited for sand then)

With sinking… I mean all sorts of tires sink in sand, if sand is too soft… im actually not super knowing on what you need for getting through sand, maybe ‘caterpillar’'is the only option haha for soft terrain…

but yeh for sand your relatively little weight might help with ‘blasting through’ some softer patches of sand with more ease.

I compare sand with super loose rocks now… I had some at dirt track I visited for only about 20minutes and when trying to go through loose rocks the tires just sank into the rocks and it were quite hard to steer or control the board itself…

This is something to think about… but as said, hard surfaces will always be better than soft ones… and once you build yours, you should have no problems with exploring each terrain and how it feels and how good your board can get through it…


I hope they work! primo tires are also wider than the 8", otherwise I will have to choose where I go carefully, there is grass and commonage to explore too, not all sand.

the 8" tired are 50mm & 9" primo tires are 62mm afaik

Catapillar? It’s not so far-fetched

yeh, if youre good with mechanics maybe one day we would see something like that for mountainboards haha!

I actually saw today that some chinese are now kinda offering to attach hub motored trucks to the front or back of regular longboard, to make it a 'powered one… at least it looked that way lol

this would give you 6 wheels to work with, and then it might be possible to attach caterpillar chains onto the ‘back wheels’·. while keeping the front ones for steering and yes maybe even adding a sled lol :smiley:

I would like to see that :slight_smile:

Check board with tank tracks. There is a 3d model of it now. Something very close totime what we were talking here hah

For softer sand get some air out of tires. Softer wheels go over softer sand, harder wheels will stick in to the sand. Kite boarders use soft wheels, i mean use the minimum psi as you can use that wheel not getting off hub. I have tried kiteboarding on beach with 2.5 bar in wheels they was just o.k. on hard sand but terrible in softer sand. Then i have tried 1bar or even less, i can’t rememmmber, and it was just perfect. Soft wheels was rollind over sand like fat caterpillar. But of corse it works in middle soft\hard sand, on super soft and deep sand just walk😉

@ninja Thanks for the tip! Hadnt really thought about this… I knew offroad trucks use softer tires but didnt think it might help that much when going on soft sand :slight_smile:

If I ever come this situation I might try :smiley:

Though for now I think I will stay out of sandy places as I usually hate how sand gets everywhere and needs to be cleaned out afterwards.

Hey thanks Ninja, yeah I figured out that hard surfaces you go to 50psi (limit for hypa) and then some more for top speed, so the opposite would apply,

This is the main reason that I was thinking about the primo hub with 9" tires which are also wider thanks

I seem to have a lot of PayPal notifications at the moment :innocent:

For the 18650 pack assembly I ordered -

  • 100 X brass bolts
  • 100 brass nut’s
  • 1m copper bar
  • 1m tinned copper braid (to bypass the resistance of the supplied S/S parts in the VRUZEND kit

Not too sure on commercial options for a battery housing, I saw a couple and was a bit meh about them. Any ones I liked from other builds ran towards something just picked up like a fishing tackle box. My requirements are pretty; simple weatherproof if not waterproof, lightweight, easy/quick to open and close. I considered an ammo box, but too heavy and too conductive(see the valid comments on my VESC housing choice above), then I started looking at some specialist scuba cases which tend to have an equalisation valve built in, these again are still quite heavy although made of plastic and tend towards a very thick wall which makes them bulky given inner dimensions. I even looked at some sniper scope boxes ex-MOD(ministry of defence) and while that is pretty uber in iteslf those also ran into the problem above.

The closest to what I want that I could find is an external gang housing for keeping electrics dry in the garden, IPX rating, strong, plastic and big bonus has rubber ports for allowing cables in<->out without modification, like so

My caps means that a series 10 array will be 24cm long, I only wanted to spend a limited amount on the cells so I can only go 7 parallel, this is a good fit, problem is it weighs 1.5kg still too heavy :frowning:

Any suggestions on this?

@banjaxxed You could try to make 2 packs out of that… Dunno what power capacity you need and what cells you gonna use.

Ive even seen now ebikers use 3 seperate packs. One in triangle (frame), one under the seat (smallest) and one even in backpack (biggest)

Sounds good,

I’ll fill it up with the 70 cells I’ve bought along with a BMS and Vedder power switch and led power button. It will be a little roomy in there but not much

Then I’ll almost certainly get another 10 in there making it s10p8, after that I could look at another one sittng on top which I think I can easily stack and connect given the glands (sealed ports), I can double capacity that way.

Also the one I linked is not too heavy, dumbass forgot they also include a free 4 Gang 2m extension socket which must be almost 1kg