Magnet Retaining Clip

I have a TB 6374 motor and the magnet retaining clip came undone. I tried gluing it back once with loctite 680 and I let it cure for more than 24 hours. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Is there anything else y’all could suggest for fixing this?

I just pressed mine back in. I made sure it was fully seated against all the magnets. I used a bit of blue lock tight. Hope it holds.

U have a pic? Does the magnet retainer actually hold the magnets or more so position them

It kind of looks like it just holds the magnets in place. The magnets are glued in to place.


Loctite is anerobic curing, meaning that it only “sets” in the absence of oxygen.

You probably need to use more loctite and need to have a better seal. You can always use extra and just wipe away any splooge. The green stuff can only close gaps up to a certain extent, so make sure that the ring is fully seated inside the bell.

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So what are your thoughts on using a little JB weld. I really don’t want to have to open the motor again to repair this.

Well, jb weld is pretty versatile.

However, this is exactly the correct use of loctite 680, between a “shaft” and something around it.

Just apply it liberally on the outer diameter of the ring and it will never move. Make sure there’s enough so it fully fills the gap.

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I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before, but I was about to put the JB weld on and it was being attracted to the magnets, so that was not a good idea. I just used a lot more of the loctite and I put a little bit of epoxy on the top of the ring for good measure.

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