Magneto Electric Skateboard

Thanks for actually answering the question. So many people on here just say “so and so is better” but with no actual in depth reason as to why.


so let me get this straight - the Magneto is also a Chinese import?

isn’t the Carvon mini-board also a Chinese import?? i remember seeing the same image while browsing Alibaba…?

100% of all the boards use at leaset some Chinese components. The difference with the magneto vs carvons is quality and quality control. The Magneto is a crappy clone board. Same as takeda/lecdec/falcon/luuov/backfire/melon/etc.

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It may have some Chinese parts, but it’s not a clone. Jerry attaches the motors himself, not some factory in china. If you saw it on albania, likely it was copied by a factory in china. The same thing has happened to mellow. But mellow is not a cheap Chinese clone.

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It appears so now. I saw the original pictures with carvons hubs. They transformed to something else later in development appearantly.

would it be possible to fit a bigger battery in this?

I bet you could. Not to be a smart ass, but almost anything is possible. Depends on effort/time/money.

My import board went to my brother in Texas with plans essentially do that next time I’m in town. Esc is a known type, that plastic is fairly easily modded to throw in 2 6s lipos in parallel. When I get around to it, I’ll post pics.

That said, don’t hold your breath for them. Also don’t go buy a new board like this with hopes of modding it.

Onloop/enertions comments about spend more and do it right the first time are right on.

i bought the magneto electric “clone” and i will mod it with both a Vesc and 97 mm original flywheels. and then i was thinking about the battery, i would like to up it too. i believe it will be a lovely first Esk8 for me :slight_smile:

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i decided to go with 90 mm instead. im only about 80 kg so i dont think i want to go bigger :slight_smile:

…at some point you are probably going to swap to a Hub motor (and trucks), then a new battery, and all you end up with is the original Magneto $40-50 deck. That’s why people have been telling you to just build your own.

From what I see on YouTube, these Chinese clones are not bad, just not great. It’s like a economy car, gets you from point A to point B but not the greatest. As long as you are okay with it and know what you got yourself into, it’s a fine starter.

i know. i would like to make a s12 board with jacobs hubs on some smooth deck, but i aint got time or the tools or a place to live right now… maybe in a year or something :smiley:

I ordered a Magneto the other day, will probably come in a week or so. Reason why I went with it is that they’ve got good help/service and based in UK. Will make a review or something the moment I can test it out.

When I placed my order for a Magneto skateboard four months ago I believed that I was buying a skateboard made in uk at a very good quality/price. I did some researches on the net and all the reviews were excellent. So I bought it end of June and believed to have it in august.

During this period I sent several messages (email, facebook) to the customer service to have info about specifics and shipping tracking. They never answered until I put a negative review on Magneto page on facebook… then all of a sudden someone answered me saying that it would be more than happy to offer me a refund… Of course I wanted my board, I was just asking about shipping time and specifics…

Realised later that Magneto deleted my negative review (and probably a lot more…) as they maintain only the positives one…

Have a look here (bottom page): they push the bad reviews at the very end in order to hide it …

Then middle august I receive an email saying that the skate is blocked on a shipping boat from China… :open_mouth: wtf

I did some intensive research then and…

I discovered that you can buy the same skate for cheap on Alibaba, and If I probably did I wouldn’t wait ages…

Well, next time I’ll be more careful before buying a uk crafted skateboard… they might come from China!

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I have a “sister” board, a LecDec, not the one on the video you put but a new model with a different deck but all the rest is the same. I bought mine expecting to receive it a month later, that’s what the web page said. It took more time, a lot more time, about 3 months after I bought it.

But besides the initial wrong delivery date, LecDec was very clear about the shiping and sent several information about it, even the tracking of the boat where it was being transported to Europe from China. When I talked to LecDec via the online chat they answered to my questions about the shiping.

The last part when the board was already in Europe was a lillte more complicated because I never got a tracking number by email, I had to request it via the online chat. They did gave it to me but it was not really easy to track in the Internet. It was sent by Royal Mail that has a partner here in Portugal to deliver the packages, I had to make a call to check where it was. After this no problem, I got the electric longboard and so far so good.

Before I bought it, I was very well informed about where the longboard was made and about all the clones that exists out there some Internet investigation. This was one of the reasons I choose this board, lots a spare parts out there if needed. LecDec never hide where the longboard was being made, after all all things come from China this days if we want them cheap.

Besides all this I’m happy with my LecDec. It rides very well, has more speed than I can handle and makes more than 15 km for each battery charge. Overall, on my opinion, it’s not a bad electric longboard. I hope your longboard gives you some of the pleasure I have when riding mine. :slight_smile:

Regards, Luis Sismeiro

Got mine yesterday, so far pretty happy with it. It’s quite solid for the price. All these boards are the same, Melon board, Lecdec, Backfire, Lectric… But I think Magneto customized it a bit more. They’ve got custom wheels and trucks on them.

I got mine yesterday… and i have already been thrown of 2 times… 1 time yesterday i was giving full power and in the middle of acceleration it just “brakes” and this also happend to night… now my hand is nicely fucked up in the same place twice… nice thing i wear a helmet since i also made a frontflip when i fell of. this wont happend with the vesc right?

There can be a bunch of other factors that can throw you off, if you don’t check the wires and setup, or do your homework. Make sure to check for shorts and your wires, and program the VESC correctly. Also, I highly recommend leather gloves.

it is all stock. i have not opened my board. so no i dont believe that. i read once before that the magneto board would do this for some people and that changing the esc for a vesc would make this bad connection problem go away.