Magneto worth the money or No?

Hey all, this is my first post and I’m new on the electric skateboard scene.

Sadly my cash flow is low but I’m seriously considering buying the latest Magneto, I know it’s a generic Chinese piece of kit but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s junk. I’ve done a bit of trolling on the Internet about Lee Moio who is the owner and director of the company and I’m just wondering if anybody has any experience with the company or any knowledge on the board.

Thanks in advance

I bought a magneto board a while ago. It took about 2 month to arrive after payment. After one day, the remote control, the receiver or either both broke. The support replied to my first mail with a manual on how to rebind the remote, but that unfortunatly did not help since it was broken. Two more mail have been just ignored since now.

You should definitly think twice if you really want to buy a magneto. I am not familiar with the new model but for me customer support is very important and magneto failed in this point completly…

I bought a Magneto and the belt broke at thirsd day. I was waiting almost a month an a half untill they sent me a new one. This belt broke in six days. They sent me another one in a week that was broke too. Since then, three months ago, they don’t send me anything more and don’t offer me any solution. Since one month ago they just ignored me.

Since the day I received I am waiting for a new battery cover because mine is poorly constructed and is not good assembled. They said me that their factory are in Shangai and they are still waiting (five months).

Another things to tell about magneto:

  • Magneto can’t climb 15%, I doubt even 10%. My weight are 70kg. _ Magneto’s range is less than 10 miles, not up to 15 miles as they promise. _ You CAN’T use it in manual mode when the battery is finish.

Yes but this was a different board entirely, it’s the same as a koowheel.

Dont buy it, I had one after 2 days it broke down. The Magneto’s and Koowheels both have problems. Lee from magneto told me they still dont know what the cause of the problem is. I refunded my money. If it breaks down after 2 days it’ll stay alive for max 6 months so if you think its worth to pay 600eur for 1 month thats for you to decide.


in the same boat as you, bought a bisek board, returned it as it was DOA, then bought a magneto (the new one) but it’l arrive monday, is yours still going? Im waiting for the review :slight_smile:


Hello Mr KamalPasha16, i see you are discussing my skateboard that you have not returned to me since i provided a refund. Are you planning on keeping the board forever or perhaps there maybe a tiny ounce of integrity hiding inside that dishonest soul of yours that may make you send it back before the police come a knocking…

Bought the first version of the magneto. I get rid of the cheap ESC and change it by a VESC. Changed the bearings and the wheels too. Works like a charm !

But dont expect to have any help from magneto if you have a problem … you will have to do it by yourself.