Magsafe as charge port

Since I am currently trying to build a stealthy build I thought about charging port solutions. The standard 5.5mm plugs seem pretty low-tech and I thought about how amazing the magnetic Apple charger port actually is. Has anybody ever thought about using this type of plug for the DIY build? Seems like a great idea with a self-locking mechanism and dual power rails.

It should easily be doable with a magsafe 1 plug and a magsafe 1 to 2 converter that acts as the female end on the board. Solder the cables to the male magsafe 2 side and you should be done.

magsafe 1 charge cable

magsafe converter (proposed female side on the board)

there are even caps out there to seal it up after charging


And you could use the two outside pins for negative and the inside 3 for positive, or the other way around. That way you could plug it in any way and not have to care about polarity.


exactly! Just wondering if there are other reasons why people have not already done this.

Well lets try it then! Great idea!

Really good idea!

Pretty cool teardown:

Hm - I wonder if the voltage for a 10S system will destroy that small PCB and chip. Also I don’t know if the chip is wired in parallel so that the energy transfer can still take place even when the chip is blown. LEDs and stuff we don’t need anyway - just a direct connection from one cable to the other is already enough.

Well there are even female boards:

but they ain’t cheap at 25€ :astonished:

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We’d probably be better off just using an xlr connector lol.

where is the fun in that? :wink:

good idea @Maxid i really like the magnetic magsafe port, go ahead :wink:

@Maxid wow this idea is just BRILLIANT

pogo + 3d printing? edit: cheaper pogos

Well i think the hard part is not to get spring contacts but to actually make it magnetic. That 3D printed solution seems weirdly familiar no? :wink:

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ring magnet, and 20 mm metal washer on the other side.

pogos configuration - 5 pogos circle in the middle of the ring and 5 pogos around the first 5. should have enough space inside the ring magnet.

and we can add a threaded lid for waterproofing, something like this, but that looks like a lid.

Soldering heat will be a big issue for the magnetic strength. I don’t think this will work, though correct me if I’m wrong.

magnet don’t need to be close to the connector when soldering. I don’t know if it’s comprehensible, but I painted the idea:

I forgot about the female side of the connector. I haven’t find any cheap female pogos. those are 200 pcs :unamused:

plan B?

if you are soldering in way that the entire magnetic housing will get that hot, you are doing something wrong :smiley:

I was actually planning for building a wall mount, with build-in charger port, using pogo-pins

And then when I hang my board, it will recharge if needed (and if I have told it so… some logic/controller is neeeded)

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fun fact: the female jack can be bought in bulk on aliexpress for as cheap as 1.30€ per unit

To test however I ordered a used DC board from an old macbook. Will let you know how it turns out. Cable part will be from a broken charger I have sitting in a drawer.

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Really interested how good it will handle “higher” current(8-10 Amps)