Magsafe as charge port


Not magsafe but at least will make things a lot easier :smiley:

Actually it was super easy to setup. Just connected the pins directly with the battery and changed the charger’s output cable.

How many amps you gonna push through it? I remember from somewhere on this thread that there was 4 A mentioned. Correct?

You could theoretically push 4 amps through it - personally my charger doesn’t even have that. I charge with 2.5A

Just thought this company had some cool magnetic charging ports and connectors.

Here’s the Mellow connector for the swappable battery.

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Hi @Maxid, thanks to sharing this awesome idea. I’m in the process to set up my Magsafe charger too, I did with the parts of a old MacBook pro that is lying around. Maybe you or someone else wants to have the small plastic frame to hold it, I have one more available for free, just shipping.


I’ve also thought about doing this for my upcoming build! Nice to know it should work well, I’ll be charging at 42V 2A so I should be fine, still within the 85W rating of the Magsafe 2 connector I have. Love the stealth switch you have too, I might have to do something like that for the headlights I plan on having :wink: Awesome build!

I am making a 14s6p battery for my longboard that’s gonna have mountain wheels and dual motor. Would the magnetic charger work for since my battery will have a nominal voltage if 52v and a mac charge of 58v?? I don’t mind using the standard plug in charger but I think that the magnetic would be sweet.

  1. what esc are you using with 14S?
  2. No idea if it will work - it might but I have too little experience with such a high voltage to confidently say anything.

I am using a VESC

I would not use the Apple charger unless you know exactly what you are doing. It sounds compatible from afar… but you’ll risk junking your batteries or a big fire or both or worse. The voltage on the charger would need to be very steady too with the max not fluctuating when the line voltage fluctuates. I have no idea if apple does that in their charger or in the computer.

VESC is rated at 60V … if you use 14S on a VESC you will probably have a junked VESC shortly, and will probably get tossed-off in the process. That’s not much wiggle-room

A VESC is not made for 14S - you sound like you didn’t do much research. Especially when dealing with such high voltages you need to know exactly what you are doing.

I do know what I’m doing. I read everything if you don’t believe me here is the spec sheet for the VESC I use. It’s torque boards VESC. Max voltage for 14s is 58.8v full charge and nominal is 52v.


Built in 5V BEC (Used to power your receiver.) Voltage: 8V to 60V (Up to 14S LiPo Voltage) Current: Up to 240A for a few seconds or 50A continous

I understand that, but you’re dealing with a reactive load which will feed back voltage into the driver circuit. The magnetic windings in your motor will certainly pass the 60V mark and besides that, you never, ever, want to run any electronic device at 100% capacity. 50% is the gold standard

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@Maxid How is the MagSafe connector holding up over time?

Could we run it through BMS? I know that you don’t use it but nevertheless for those who do?



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I’ve just picked up a used MagSafe charging port off eBay. Does anyone have any advice of how best to connect this to my BMS?

In terms of a reliable connection, is it easy to solder these thin wires? Should I solder directly to the bottom of the pcb? Is the little black connector a standard socket I might find at jaycar?


Hey guys, I’m just researching what to get for my first build and came across this discussion page. I was just wondering if anyone has a YouTube video or anything of the connections made and if this will work on a 10s battery 42v 2a. Thanks!

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