Main + and - coming out of double layer battery.. best option?

Hi All,

Building a 10S6P battery, in 2 layers ‘offset’. Wondering what the best option is to hook up the main + and - wires in and out of the battery?

I’ve seen whitepony on endless sphere use braid like a series connection, have that overhanging a bit and solder his 10AWg to that. I think longhairedboy solders his heavy wire onto his nickel strips that he extends at those locations?

Image of my cell configurations attached, any suggestions much appreciated!

(I’m looking at having the + and - in the + of cell block #1 and out the - of cell block #10.

I would solder the 10AWG wire on the nickel tabs between the tabs of the cells. You can make 4 good contacts with the wire and if you think it is to little you could extend the nickel pads and have 4-8 connection points.

would you just do a ‘loop’… like …

(orange dots = solder)

Either the way you showed or like this.

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(a silly question from me but)… how would you join the two wires together to form the one?

just make one longer than the other and solder the short one to the long one

Like @GrecoMan said but remeber to make a strong mechanical joint before making the solder joint. Here is a video explaing it:

i do not use extensions. I solder my mains to the crossbands of nickel strip i use to bridge the p groups and add a small amount of solder to strengthen the strapping whee it crosses over the strapping below it.

essentially it ends up between the last two cells, not on a tab dangling. I’ve had too many tabs rip off or bend and tear from wiring and rewiring packs and moving the cables around. Granted this likely wouldn’t be an issue for a complete that nobody messes with. but i’m always messing with my boards and battery cables end up pulled in all directions.

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It’s called “spleißen” in german, i’m doing this on a ski-lift right now. But i’m sure it will work for wires too. You could always add solder:p