Maintenance CARVON V2 Direct Drive

Hi Guys,

I have my CARVON V2’s for over 2 years now i believe and the inner bearings start to make a lot of noice. I would like to service/replace them but I am not able to reach them. I think the stator should come off but does anyone know if this is glued ? or a mechanical connection? If this is not possible the hubs will be retiring since the grinding is getting to hard :frowning:

Thanks !

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Somoene has done this procedure before ? Or can anyone suggest a proper replacement ?

Try searching carvon v2 bearing if you haven’t already.

You won’t be able to reach carvon ever. He ghosted and took people’s money for his failed business as far as we know.

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There’s a good tear down/re-assembaly thread for the v4’s, not sure how different they are

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