MAJOR ISSUE! Blue motor mount from EBAY for caliber trucks

I purchased a blue motor mount from ebay that came from diy electric and i’m having a major issue with it. Apparently the truck clamp doesnt tighten all the way to stay on the truck. I tightned it as much as I could and it stays loose and wiggley. I think these motor mounts only fit Caliber one trucks. Is there something that I can use as a spacer? I really don’t want to weld it. PLEASE HELP.

if you look closely, you can probably see the gap between truck and truck clamp.

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@Tampaesk8er use a thin metal shim to fill the gap.

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I tried that already, cant find anything thin enough to slide in there, the pic is enlarged so people can see it. I was thinking a piece of heat shrink heated up till it gets thin, i’m willing to try anything at this pointe. FRUSTRATED!

Make shims from a cut up soda can


Great idea, i’ll try it, thanks.

If nothing works , have it welded and be done with it !

For real, final option.

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look like the clamp screw is not tight enough… or if it is you might want a smaller screw (it possible that the screw is just too long and won’t close the clamp properly)

Edit: Also the hanger is not strait, but conic, so the mount might get a better fit farther from the end.

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@Tampaesk8er a soda can like @rwxr notes, or nickel strip (for spot-welding) if you have it. Else go to a hardware store and buy some thin metal piping, cut it, and flatten it.

@JohnnyMeduse is right check the placement of the clamp to make sure you’ve got it close enough to the kingpin.

Just wanted to say thank you for the great idea, I made 4 spacers out of a diet coke can and placed one piece on every angle of the truck, it seems to hold very tightly,maybe this will help others someday.


I had the same issue, try’d shimming and that didn’t solve the problem for me. In a fit of desperation I cranked down on the larger bolt with a cheater bar and now it doesn’t not move at all, though I’m slightly afraid to loosen it if I had to.

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You can use some flat heat shrink if you have that lying around.

If your still having issues - let us know.

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Are these even from @torqueboards?

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@armandr Haha good question…

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You could use aluminum foil, add or take away as much as you need.

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be careful to not tighten the bolt to tight - it will strip and you won’t be able to loosen it. we don’t want any more problems :slight_smile:

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Yes, They are from Diy, after doing some research, the motor mount i bought fits Caliber one trucks, not Caliber Ii trucks. They explain it here,

I don’t think that your motor mount is from diy since… diy or @torqueboards is located in California and this seller from Ebay is from Florida :confused: