Make my remote rechargeable!

Good day!

I have this remote: https:///collections/remote-controller/products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller

It runs on two AA-batteries in series (1.5V *2 = 3V). I want to make this rechargeable via a usb-port so I wanna stuff a lipo battery inside it :sunglasses:

I have a 1S 500mah lipo with a built in bms that I wanna use for this. The maximum voltage is as you all know 4.2V so i guess I’ll have to step it down to 3 or 3.3V in order to use it with the remote. I then have to add a USB-port and step down the 5V from that to 4.2V to charge the battery. I also need to limit the current here to 500mah to charge the battery at 1C.

Can anyone help me with where I can find the step-down converters? :slight_smile: I know some electronics but I’m far from an expert! If you know of any parts that can help me with this or if you have a better idea or solution, please let me know!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Check this thread out

He mods the battery to be rechargeable and Im sure it can be adapted to fit in the normal case.


What @yelnats8j said :arrow_up:

Here’s mine I just took a picture of oddly enough right before clicking this thread.



Awesome! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Damn, that’s a sweet controller :smiley:

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calling @b264, aisle 2.


I’ve done this, and while it’s cool and all, I don’t really know if I recommend it. The AA batteries last so long and in 1.5 years of daily use, I’ve only had to charge the lithium-ion battery twice, and the second time was yesterday. I guess that means the microUSB jack won’t wear-out, huh?












Oh I see! Thanks for the info, that’s interesting! Really nice with all the pictures :slight_smile: I’ll think a bit more about it before I do anything :slight_smile:

FYI: 18650 will NOT fit in there. A 14650 or an 18500 will fit. To fit an 18650, you’d have to cut out a support piece that needs to be left there.

That’s a Panasonic NCR18500A 2000mAh cell

Ok, great! I was thinking of using a LiPo but maybe a 18500 is a better choice :slight_smile:

The internal circuitry seems to run just fine on 4.2V. I didn’t need any kind of regulator. It’s just running on the 1S lithium voltage, straight.

I have about 8 Mini Remotes and I only modded this one. I really fail to justify the effort to mod any more. The AA batteries last so long, especially if you get the really good ones. Now I use “Energizer Ultimate Lithium” AA batteries (not rechargeable)

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15550885455447753901589883684195 15550885915067017196592320074477 I modded all 3 of my mini remotes with lithium ion cells,1s bms for charge only, voltage display, and a decent rocker switch for power. Never bothered with the step down voltage and have not had a single issue. Like @b264 said, the cell must be smaller than 18650.


The thing is, with primary cells it’s guaranteed to run out at some point on the road. So you have to carry spare batteries and a phillips #1 screwdriver. Or be ready to walk. Which sucks balls. So any kind of rechargeable is preferable so you can reasonably control the state of charge.

I had to change batteries on the road 2 days ago.

But, the remote likes 1.5v not 1.2v like common nimh AA (eneloop):sob:

So imo it’s worth the trouble to mod.


True that, but using Mini Remotes daily for years I’ve only had to “change batteries or kickpush” once and I did actually have a tiny screwdriver and two batteries in my bag.

But you do have a point.

If you modded it to have a battery gauge instead of be fully rechargeable I think it’d be fine also.


Thank you guys! All very interesting information.

I will either do some kind of mod on the mini receiver or build a firefly remote instead :grin:

At the moment I always carry spare batteries and a screwdriver. I also always carry spare belts and all the tools needed to change them so i’d say I’m quite prepared :sunglasses:

Very nice mods! :grinning:

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This made sense, took a crack at it.



The voltmeter is one of these. There are a lot of different ones. This one is 0-100v, but shows single digit volts as “3.41” not " 3.4". Has the adjustment pot. It’s the 3 wire version – just connect the blue and red together. Minimum voltage is about 2.5v or so. Unfortunately this makes things not great with eneloop, but as you said, getting a voltage indication is 99% of the battle. I can use duracells here (those fucking things leak in every device I put them in).

To make the cavity I traced the meter with magic marker, used a brad point bit to drill 2 holes, then diagonal cutters and utility knife to creep up on the fit. hotglued everything in.

Tactile switch, I think a 6x6x7 will be perfect. Will report when I test one. The hole for the switch was made with a 5/32 brad point bit.

I made a AVIO remote, but unfortunately I can’t get a good grip with gloves that lets me have full range of the trigger. Maybe just need practice.

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Very happy with the mod. 6x6x6 button will be flush with surface, need some nails to press. 6x6x7 will protrude just a bit, also very workable.

I’m gonna need some colored tape or paint soon…

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