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Make your own electric skateboard complete program by Great-scott

Always looking for new YouTube vids on making electric skateboards. This ones from scratch. Longboard to start.


funny I was just watching that today.
the board is a little flat, and the bracket looks like it needs a bit of improvement.
but its a good dollar saver. and fun project.
probably less than $300 all up.

Yeah didnt realise though that it was only about the board itself for the moment. Just looked like a simple weekender job. Cant complain if its that cheap. Still does the job and you can make it yourself.

very sweet video! subscribed :smile:

Part 2

Unless you are going to shape the deck using a mold I don’t understand why you would waste your time doing Part #1. Also, you can buy plywood that is already 10mm thick, so why do they join the three sheets together?.. doesn’t make any sense. I love making stuff, but only when the end result is greater or cheaper than what you can buy pre-made at the shop.

Part 3 and final video

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Great set of videos! Will help many people when building boards.

I still don’t understand why the hole for the truck side of the bracket was so big.
especially seeing as he has access to CNC and milling machines.
if it was made precisely then he wouldn’t have had to drill a hole through the truck.
also if he has access to an x-carve why not use it to drill the PCD of the pulley more precisely?

there is certainly some good information in there for first time builders, but also a lot of things to learn from and improve on.

Just putting it out there, but could the motor mount size-length be due to having it made to allow for the belt they had.

The length of the bracket was never in question. The size of the hole is what om confused about.

@lowGuido is referring to why you didn’t make the hole in your motor mount match the outside of your truck hangar. Then, it’d line up perfectly, and is less likely to become off-center.